Are you ready to Shake it Off? How about getting into one of the trending activities for 2020 to make that goal of losing a few pounds a reality?

We researched the latest workouts and ways to stay active and bring them to you for inspiration!

1. Personal trainers

In 2020 everything is going to be about customization and fitness trends aren’t the exception. Fitness trainers and personal coaches are becoming the main source of inspiration for many to achieve their goals. The benefits? Creating a sense of accountability, a more systematic approach to the particular goals you may have and exercises tailored to your body type. 

2. Home workouts

It’s demonstrated that functional training can be as efficient as going to a gym, so home workouts are getting even more popular thanks to that. Paying hundreds of dollars for access to expensive machines isn’t necessary if your goals are aligned with a healthier lifestyle. 

Home workouts that you can perform in your living room or backyard can be as effective as an hour at the gym, getting equipment isn’t as hard thanks to sites like Amazon. It also subtracts the anxiety of showing off your body on a gym or being stared at, bringing more confidence in your own process. 

3. Boxing

This art has been picking up popularity in recent years thanks to its calorie/burning implications as well as the power to build strength and work all your muscles. Variations of it have been included in some HIIT (High-Intensity Training) routines, kickboxing, and krav maga. 

The constant movement also helps build speed and flexibility, as well as a growth mindset and focus on your every movement. It is ideal for those who want a very active exercise and some disciplined practice. 

4. Choreography

Dancing routines like Zumba and Danzika have reached peaks in popularity in studios and gyms all over the world, but a more structured and fun approach has been taking over: choreography. Picking certain music styles like K-Pop, Reggaeton or Trap these routines focus on creating a complete choreography of a song and working on it for several days. 

Unlike traditional dancing classes, these Choreography workouts inspire you to move, stay active and move every muscle to achieve synchronicity and perfection. 

5. Mindful running

Some usually see running as a mindless activity, that’s why New York became the cradle of mindful running, a more proactive and healthy activity that is becoming a standard practice and one of the biggest fitness trends. 

The “exploration of the mind” is the prime activity here, as you run, you have to examine your thoughts and meditate. 

This practice is the perfect blend of physical activity and mental gymnastics for a better life. 

So! Which one will be your pick? Are you determined to elevate your fitness experience? OGX has your back with effective products that support your weight management goals. #X4Ever



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