You can have beautiful skin if you really commit to it! Skincare habits are core to having a flawless glow all year. All you need to do is commit to a routine, practice it every single day and start seeing the results after a few weeks of discipline. 

The earlier you and your customers start to realize the importance of this routine, the better, as you will have a radiant glow in no time. Share these in your next Pamper Session!

1. Cleanse

This first step is non-negotiable! Cleansing your skin every night and every morning with gentle products will help soothe and protect your skin from all the agents it is exposed to on a daily basis. 

A perfect cleanse will make sure that your skin isn’t being stripped of its natural oils and will give that special glow. Our recommendation is to use the beU Manuka Cream Cleanser to clean, moisturize and restore. You can also use a mask once or twice a week to nourish and increase the production of collagen to bring more elasticity, for this our pick is the beU Bee Venom Anti Aging Mask.

2. Eat healthily

This is the core of all skincare habits. As we’re celebrating the National Healthy Skin Month, we wanted to remind you of all those delicious and healthy foods that help your skin look and feel great. Lots of veggies, fruits and healthy oils will give you the necessary vitamins and minerals to stay in shape.

3. Moisturize

Another essential part of your routine is to keep your body hydrated. Moisture is needed to replenish the natural oils you lose due to the environment, cleansing or exfoliating.

Dryness, scaly skin and irritation shouldn’t be “normal.” That’s why keeping a steady intake of water and applying a natural moisturizer will help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Our recommended step is to use the beU Retinol Anti Aging Moisturizer with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, giving you a smooth and soft texture every single day.

4. Protect

To fight the signs of aging and to avoid future damage due to free radicals and sun exposure you need to use a Serum. Serums are a powerful product to moisturize your skin, protect and help its regeneration. 

The beU Jojoba Anti Aging Serum assists in reducing skin redness due to irritation, boosting all skin types making them soft as silk.

Finally, to fully protect your skin, don’t forget to use sunscreen on a daily basis, even if it is cloudy. A good SPF protection will block damaging UV rays that speed up the aging process. 

5. Sleep well

This last step is one of the essentials for any wellness routine. When you get proper rest, your body works like a clock and has the resources to regenerate and replenish every cell of your body. 

Science has demonstrated that certain skin issues such as aging or eczema get even more severe or start appearing when you don’t get enough hours of sleep. 

Get your nightly rest, make sure your room is dark and relax every night to see positive changes in your skin’s texture.

Mastering these habits and watching out for those little details on your daily life will buy you more years of youthful and better-looking skin. How about starting this with our Let it Glow Holiday set?! Get yours before we run out!



Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


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