Across the globe, travelers, photographers, and videographers are going to great heights to get the most impressive aerial shots and drone videos. While some places have restrictions for drone footage, there are many incredible travel locations where you can fully enjoy the view safely from above. It is important to check if certain destinations require permission to fly drones. Drone flying rules do vary from place to place, especially near areas with greater air traffic. However, there’s a vast amount of dream locations that are waiting to be discovered from a different angle!

Here are 4 top destinations to capture the best drone footage and have fun drone flying:

  1.   Key Largo, Florida

Looking to capture a tropical paradise from the skies? The Florida Keys have been known for being a favorite destination for tourists and now for drone pilots too! While you enjoy the laid-back ambiance and warm weather, you can focus your lens on palm trees and bright blue seawater, while capturing aerial highlights with your feet in the sand! Some of the most recommended Florida Keys to check out are the areas of Lower Matecumbe Key, Sugarloaf Key, and Key Largo, they’re all perfect getaway locations for nature enthusiasts as well!

  1.   Ozark Mountains, Arkansas

Since the drama TV series, Ozark came out, many drone pilots flocked to explore this location from above, and the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas were named one of the top ten places for drone photography. If you are a mountain lover and enjoy the great outdoors, Arkansas has a lot of safe, free fly zones for drone aircrafts. The Ozark Mountains offer a great opportunity to explore sky-high forest views and natural landscapes from a distance.

  1.   Scotland, UK

The true gem of drone footage can be found across the country of Scotland. Known for its castles, winding roads, cliff tops, and more, Scotland offers various types of scenery to make for the best aerial video clips. There are many locations in Scotland for drone photography where you can capture mountains, woodlands, and clear water views, altogether. It’s recommended to check the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website to review flying regulations in advance.

  1.   Toronto, Canada

For tourists with drones visiting Toronto, Canada, there are some nearby locations where it is easy to launch and land your drone and get a beautiful view of Lake Ontario. Canadian law does require drone pilots to fly according to regulations. Some destinations in Canada require permission. Keeping up to date with the current Canadian Aviation Regulations is advocated.


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