Namaste and happy Yoga Day!

This practice has taken the world by storm in the past decade and contrary to popular belief, with all the tradition behind it, is also full of innovations and trends to follow.

The existence of Yoga can be traced back to thousands of years ago and has survived to this day thanks to some figures found in the Indus Valley that depicted some poses. Its practice not only helps the body, but it is also meant to be a spiritual practice, aiming to reach that connection between both.

It wasn’t only until the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th that Yoga was properly introduced to the western culture. During the 80’s, it reached its peak and now is here to stay! Along these decades it has transformed thanks to technology and also has been fused with other practices. Let’s check some and get you inspired to take your yoga game to another level!

Chair Yoga

This practice is becoming popular in the workplace and is perfect for those who have little time to go to a studio, have suffered injury or have trouble with mobility. To practice it you only need a chair and the intention to spend some time with yourself.

Chair yoga is more of a mindfulness practice that aims to connect you with your breath, mind, and vibrations, and even when it doesn’t offer much for flexibility or strength, it can actually help you get a better pose!

Aerial Yoga

If you’re searching for something more athletic and not for the faint of heart when it comes to heights, this kind of yoga may be what you need. Using hammocks or silk slings, this yoga makes sure you work on your core strength and balance without the impact of working on the ground.

Contrary to the complexity it may show, aerial yoga has different levels and can be practiced by almost anybody, from kids to seniors. It is also beneficial for spinal decompression and flexibility.

Yoga Wheel

More than a new trend is a new prop you can incorporate to your yoga practice. This hollow circular device is designed to help you stretch and gain the flexibility you need for more elaborate poses.

The cylinder helps you move your body in different ways, perform backbends (or at least start trying to) without the risk of injury. It also helps some challenging poses feel less painful, ease back pain and stretch your spine.

This mindfulness practice is here to stay! Dare to add Yoga to your daily routine with these trends and let us know how you feel if you try them.


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