Ice-cold drinks are an essential part of a pool party or a reunion in your backyard! If you think about it, what else could be more refreshing than iced drinks on a hot summer day? However, the usual lemonade and other simple juices won’t do the trick here. You need something that packs in so much fizz that your guests will feel invigorated after one sip. And with this in mind, we bring to you these 3 amazing iced drink recipes for a pool party! So look no further, and get ready to stock up your bar with these cool concoctions.

Tea with a refreshing slice of lime

Drinking tea while lounging around in a chair, with your feet in the water and the sun on your face – doesn’t that sound like the perfect summer day? And with this iced tea recipe, you can make all your dreams come true. But what does iced tea have to do with a pool party? Turns out, this is a great drink for summer, and here’s why. Firstly, it’s hydrating. Secondly, it’s got a low sugar content. And lastly, it has a refreshing taste that will make your pool party the perfect summer day.


So, how do you make an incredible iced tea? It’s pretty simple – all you have to do is brew the tea the way you usually do, you can use Green or Red tea. Then, once it’s done, pour it into a pitcher, along with some fresh lime slices and ice cubes. And there you have it – iced tea. You can then add some sugar and crushed ice to your desired taste.

Slushies – The ultimate pool party drink

There are few things in life that are better than a slushy, and there are few things better than a pool party. Slushies are easy to make and are the perfect pool party drink, so here’s how you can make one.


First, you’ll need to blend two cups of crushed ice with two cups of water, one cup of sugar, and a cup of Watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries or Kiwi, any juicy fruit works!


Then, put this in the fridge to let it cool down a bit. Now, transfer this mixture into a large container, pour a sachet of FENIX CXT, stir until well combined, and voilá! The ultimate pool party drink.

Iced Coffee – the best pick me up

A cold cup of coffee is always a perfect pick-me-up – a great drink to have while you’re lounging around in the sun. And since we’re talking about iced coffee here, you can prepare your usual cup of Gourmet Black Coffee or OG Espresso, and mix it with a few ice cubes or cold water, to achieve the effect. What’s more, iced coffee is also hydrating, and you can make it with either cold milk or cold water! So whether you want something cold to drink or something refreshing to cool off with, this drink is perfect for you.


So there you have it – 3 amazing iced drink recipes for a pool party. From iced tea to iced coffee – these drinks have it all. They’re hydrating, they’re low in sugar, and they have a refreshing taste that will make your pool party perfectly refreshing. So grab your blender, some crushed ice, and these drinks, and enjoy your perfect summer day!


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