It’s amazing how fast times goes by! It was already a year ago when we were making our final arrangements for EXPO 2017 and still, it feels as it was last month. We’re so excited about all that’s coming, particularly because the upcoming EXPO 2018 will be all about our 10th anniversary.

To get you ready for September, we interviewed some of our Distributors who stood out because of the way they maximized their EXPO experience. We trust that their advice will guide you to take advantage of what you’ll learn in Las Vegas, and expand your business after coming back home from this once in a lifetime event.

Every EXPO brings new inspiration

“We have attended EVERY major ORGANO US Convention since we started building in 2013. Our first event changed our paradigm and created a building mindset. EXPO 2015 built our belief and skills to build a Diamond Organization.  The 2017 EXPO expanded our Belief and Skills to achieve Blue Diamond.” — Robert and Kelly Rakowski

“EXPO events have been vital to my personal growth and to my business. In them, I’ve been able to visualize and share my experience with others and most of all, to learn about Distributors who are in the process of reaching Diamond.”– Carla Marin

Let the excitement for EXPO fuel you

“Attending previous EXPO events have been such a positive catalyst for my team, myself, and in gaining new customers!.” —  Nikki Ideta

“Every time I feel brand new again. Gasoline is thrown on my fire and our entire team who comes gets the same benefit I do… passion!” — Jacob Rakowski

“Let the event move you.  There is a big difference between hearing information and being moved by information.”  — Robert and Kelly Rakowski

Don’t miss a single EXPO

“I would definitely not be nearly as successful or where I am in ORGANO if I haven’t attended all of our incredibly inspiring and informational events.”  — Nikki Ideta

“Almost all rank advancements that I’ve experienced and our team has experienced has come from a major event. Most recently we broke a new Blue Diamond, 2 Emeralds, 1 Ruby, 5 Sapphires, and countless VIPs, Platinums and Platinum Elites.” — Jacob Rakowski

“My best piece of advice is that you get rid of excuses to attend EXPO. Four years ago, I thought it would be to expensive to travel from Mexico to San Antonio for an event. The person who invited me insisted: ‘if you want to have things you’ve never had, you have to dare to do things you’ve never done. You need to see it and feel it for yourself because your future depends on it.’ After that, I haven’t missed a single EXPO and I’m free!”– Carla Marin

Meet other OG Distributors

“The ability to meet and talk to other Distributors is exactly the reason why my team from Hawaii flies in 3 days early for every event. There is so much to learn and share. This part of the event is so personal, fun, and extremely educational.” — Nikki Ideta

Set yourself goals

“We have been promoting EXPO since immediately after UTX.  Our team goal is to have the most in attendance and to have the most people cross the stage for recognition and advancement.” — Robert and Kelly Rakowski

Don’t miss out on ANY activity during EXPO

“Take lots of pictures with everyone, learn peoples stories, film their stories and share their stories, get your GOLD magazine signed, go early, ask the leaders questions, take lots of notes, always go to lunch or dinner with someone from your team or ORGANO!” — Jacob Rakowski

“You’ll be able to find information you can’t get anywhere else. Advice your boss would never share with you, or the steps to follow to get your first million dollars. But you’ll find all that at EXPO.” – Hanoi Driggs

Be proud of your fellow OG Distributors’ success

“Our favorite moment at EXPO was watching Jacob Rakowski crowned as the King of Coffee.  Seeing your offspring succeed – whether biological or business offspring – is deeply satisfying and inspiring.”  — Robert and Kelly Rakowski

“I’ll never forget when, at EXPO, Mr. Buggs invited all the Diamonds to take the stage and made two of them to step forward. ‘One of them was a carpet cleaner and the other one is a doctor,’ he said, ‘there’s no difference now, regardless their profession, they are both Diamonds.’” – Hanoi Driggs

Spend time with your team

“Have a team fun day. Go bowling or to top golf or go do a fun activity. Go out to dinner with everyone. Have team meetings before and after the event to get your mind right and make sure everyone is ready to go, by the time they go home.”  — Jacob Rakowski

Don’t forget EXPO after going back home

“After EXPO, expose as many people as you can to your new products and inform them of your home meetings. Stay very active to prevent post-event blues.” — Nikki Ideta

Be prepared and bring ALL your passion to EXPO 2018!

“Bring to expo an open mind and heart and happy spirit. Come excited and ready to learn and grow. Be prepared to bring several promos home with you, too!” — Nikki Ideta

“Bring your best self and be prepared to actively promote the event promotion. This strategy has built our team more than EVERY other strategy!” –Robert and Kelly Rakowski

Execute your GAMEPLAN! Go absolutely crazy!! Don’t stop until you reach your goal” — Jacob Rakowski

Feeling inspired? With the advice from this amazing distributors, bring all your energy to Las Vegas this September. Take advantage of our special promotion and get 11 tickets for the price of 10!

Which advice would you give to Distributors coming to EXPO 2018?



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