Whether you are an existing ORGANO™ Distributor boldly building your global business through the leadership ranks, or you have recently become a member of our international family, you are now part of a family that is committed to help you achieve the levels of personal and professional success dreams are made of. As part of the OG  movement to change lives, and the core principles on which ORGANO™ was built, it starts right HERE, and it starts right NOW – the all NEW OG STARTER KIT has been unveiled!

Hello! Welcome Home and Buckle Up:  

Say hello to ORGANO™, the company committed to “bringing the treasures of the Earth to the people of the world”, and one of our newest treasures is the all New OG Starter Kit. These kits are not only sleek, luxurious and representative of our rebrand, premium gourmet beverages and nutraceutical products, they were designed to provide you with the fundamental tools necessary to get your business started, keep it thriving and help you, to help others, join the ORGANO™ Global Family and Taste The Gold as part of your team! So, Buckle up and let’s get started – it’s time to Experience Life Amazing!

Taste Every Flavor & Share The Pleasure:

The ever growing assortment and variety of ORGANO™ product offerings is expanding at an explosive rate. Not only do we offer the OG classics, but we have many new flavors to taste and delight our international customers. The OG product line is designed to suit any lifestyle, enhanced with the widely revered ancient Chinese herbal spore –  the Ganoderma mushroom. The New OG Starter Kit was designed to showcase and share the classics. And, to further delight and surprise you, upon removing every sample – there are little coffee quote from famous coffee fans – like Hugh Jackman who believes “To me the smell of fresh made coffee is one of the greatest inventions” for example. Here are the ORGANO™ classic products featured on display – so those you share with can also Taste The Gold:

*Gourmet Black Coffee;  A classic coffee for the traditional coffee lover who appreciates a smooth and robust taste.  Kick start your day with Black – flavorful, invigorating and enhanced with rich Ganoderma.

*Gourmet Café Latte; A sweet, creamy and delicious latte is all yours in a cup – in an instant. Our finest quality Arabica beans and Ganoderma blend, make for a light, creamy latte – minus the long wait in line!

*Gourmet Café Mocha; Decadent and delicious go hand-in-hand with this luxurious drink. Made with our quality coffee, the finest cocoa and Ganoderma, a ‘dessert in a cup’ to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere!

*Gourmet Hot Chocolate; Indulge yourself with this silky smooth cup of hot chocolate comfort. Enhanced with Ganoderma, this steamy, hot mug of chocolate happiness is perfect for sharing with the whole family.

Let’s Get Started & Taste The Gold:

Now that you have taken the first step, and the breakthrough has begun, it is key to remember that the starting point of all achievement is the desire within to succeed. While we  can’t create your personal desire to succeed, what ORGANO™ has created is a 90 Day Game Plan and Success Planner specifically designed to guide your personal path and journey towards success. In the How To Get Started booklet you will learn how to make the OG daily commitments work for you, how to share and sample the products, how to utilize the website and social media platforms to maximize your personal performance and turn your ORGANO™ business into a global empire!  

OG’s Evolutionary & Lucrative Compensation Plans:

When it comes to a revolutionary and game changing compensation plan, OG has 7 different ways to earn money selling heavily sought after world class products. The ability to expedite sales on a consistent basis to end consumers across the globe, in addition to the multiple methods in which to do it, makes the ORGANO™ compensation plan one of the most generous and lucrative in the entire direct selling industry! The answers on how to maximize your potential and make the plan work for you are included within this booklet. The real question is, how will you make the plan work for you and when will you become the next great ORGANO™ success story?

There is so much more to the New OG Starter Kit, and we are just getting started! As a member of the ORGANO™ Global Family – one thing you can be certain of – you will never be alone on your personal journey to success. You have the dedication and commitment of your CEO and Founder, Bernardo Chua,  Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor, Shane Morand, as well as OG’s very own Chief Visionary Officer, Mr. Holton Buggs, to help guide, instruct and ignite the fire within you every step (and sip) of the way! Internationally known, with a presence on six continents, ORGANO™ is a global company taking part in a groundbreaking movement that is changing people’s lives all over the world. Now that you have your instruments for success in the New OG Starter Kit – WHAT IS YOUR 90 DAY GAME PLAN? #TasteTheGold