Do you have a burning desire in your heart – but don’t know where to start? Have you always wanted to have your own business and be a part of something much bigger than you could have ever imagined? Say Hello to ORGANO™! More than just a company, ORGANO™ is a movement committed to help transform lives by achieving the Number One Lifestyle in the World!

At ORGANO™ we are on a mission to build a health-conscious community with our most recent launch of OGX FENIX, a whey protein, gluten-free, prebiotic shake formulated with Ganoderma. OGX FENIX can help meet one’s nutritional needs in a convenient and economical manner, in addition to our existing expansive line of gourmet coffee and tea beverages. The Time is Not Now – but Right Now to become an ORGANO™ Distributor and Global Family Member!

Hello! Welcome Home and Buckle Up:

Congratulations on taking the first step on a journey that will change your life! You are now a Global Family Member of one of the most admired and respected companies worldwide. As ONE Family, we stand united through a strong sense of allegiance and loyalty, where we grow in knowledge and thrive in entrepreneurial spirit together.

And, the number ONE place to start on your ORGANO™ journey is the all new OG Starter Kit. These kits are not only sleek, luxurious and representative of our rebrand and premium gourmet beverages, they were designed to provide you with the fundamental tools necessary to get your business started, keep it thriving and help you to help others join the ORGANO™ Global Family and #TasteTheGold as part of your team! So, buckle up and let’s get started – it’s time to experience life amazing!

Be a Product of the Product! Taste The Flavor and Share The Pleasure:

The expanding list of ORGANO™ product offerings is growing at a explosive rate. ORGANO™’s wellness portfolio includes an extensive line of gourmet coffee and tea beverages, and our brand new OGX FENIX Nutritional Weight Management product line. The entire OG product line is designed to suit any lifestyle, enhanced with the widely revered ancient Chinese herbal mushroom – the magical Ganoderma mushroom.

The New ORGANO™ Starter Kit was designed with you in mind – to showcase and share the classic beverages, help you launch your global business and become a product of the product. In addition, the OGX FENIX Weight Management Guide includes meal plans, exercise options and other health tips to help you and your customers maximize the effects of the product.

Let’s Get Started Building a Successful ORGANO™ Business:

It is key to remember that the starting point of all achievement is the desire within to succeed. Along with that desire, ORGANO™ has created  a 90 Day Game Plan and Success Planner specifically designed to guide your personal path and journey towards success. In the How To Get Started booklet you will learn how to make the OG daily commitments work for you, how to share and sample the products, establish your preferred customer base and how to leverage the OG website and social media platforms to maximize your personal performance and turn your ORGANO™ business into a global empire!

OG Mixers and Evolutionary Compensation Plans:

There is nothing quite like an OG mixer; a social gathering in a comfortable and relaxed environment – ideal for showcasing OG’s treasured products, as well as sharing OG’s opportunity plan with those who are also looking to #TasteTheGold with ORGANO™. And, when it comes to a revolutionary and game changing compensation plans, OG can’t be beat. Through access to a marketplace of 51 countries (and counting), world class products and the potential of 7 ways to earn income, makes ORGANO™’s compensation plan one of the most generous in the direct selling industry. The real question here is, how will you make the plan work for you and when will you become the next great ORGANO™ success story?

Plug Into a Proven System of Knowledge, Edification and Entrepreneurship:

As a member of the ORGANO™ Global Family – one thing you can be certain of – you will never be alone on your personal journey to success. You have the dedication and commitment of your CEO and Founder, Bernardo Chua,  Co-Founder, Shane Morand, as well as OG’s Chief Visionary Officer, Mr. Holton Buggs to help guide, instruct and ignite the fire within you every step of the way!

With OG you can plug into our weekly calls and webinars, join the OGAcademy for training and support, and stay connected with your sponsor and leadership team as you rise through the ranks with ORGANO™. And, if you are ever in need of a helping hand – reach out to your very own OG Customer Care department, open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to help serve you better and answer any questions you have along the way!

Internationally known, with a presence on six continents, ORGANO™ is a global company taking part in a groundbreaking movement that is changing people’s lives all over the world. OG’s innovative products have already helped millions of people around the world improve their health, wealth, and regain their confidence in life.

Let’s Get Started:

To take the first step in becoming a Global Family Member, reach out to the ORGANO™ Distributor that shared this information with you or get started HERE.

Now that you have become a member of our international family, you are part of a family that is committed to help you achieve the levels of personal and professional success dreams are made of. With your OG Starter Kit and instruments for success in hand, you are now in a position to boldly build your global business through the ORGANO™ leadership ranks.

The only remaining question is – WHAT IS YOUR GAME PLAN? #TasteTheGold