With a global presence in over 50 countries, ORGANO™ understands that success in any organization is based upon the ability of its members to work together as a team. Creating a dynamic team can be a challenging process, and merely referring to a group as a team does not actually make them a team. To collaborate, unite, combine and cooperate are all characteristics synonymous with teamwork. And, when individuals can come together as a team in an enriching environment, where everyone can contribute creatively and strategically, dreams really can come true. Join OG today  as we explore, and make recommendations to help, your ORGANO™ global team reach all new AND GREATER levels of success!

Take Away the “I” and Create a “We” Team Culture:

Team building starts at the top. Create an environment where the team uses less “I” and more “we” statements when communicating together, where everyone will feel supported, included and involved. When working with fellow team members, use terms like “let me show you how” and “we believe in you and are here to support you”, to eliminate any fear of having to stand alone and it shows that the entire organization is supportive in your individual efforts toward personal and professional success.

Clearly Define Personal & Team Growth Plans:

When individuals know what their role, responsibilities and personal growth goals entail, there is far less confusion and stagnation when moving forward. In addition, when the team understands what expectations exist for them to rise to the next level, they are more apt to be a contributing team player. Understanding that they are really competing with themselves, and not their fellow team members for success – is the key to making teamwork efforts truly effective.

Education, Training and Edification:

Teachable moments happen every day in every organization, and especially at ORGANO™. If you want your own international organization to operate like a global team, take advantage of every opportunity to train and educate your team in best practices for growth and success.  At ORGANO™ we’ve provided you with all the necessary tools to first introduce, and then guide your team members through the ranks of leadership success. When individuals are more personally attached to each other, they are more comfortable working together, which helps to make the dream work for the entire organization.

Group Sharing of Success and Failure:

Accomplishments or failures should always be shared as a team. When there is a big win or rank advancement, it is key to acknowledge all of the hard work, and commitment displayed by the individual – but also that of the entire team. Conversely, when the team experiences a disappointment or failure of any nature, don’t fault any one person for the mishap. Placing blame, rather than solution searching, is the quickest way to de-motivate an individual and potentially erode the confidence of the entire team.

Personal Growth and Global Gatherings:

One of the best ways for individual team members  to feel attached to an organization, is for them to get to know their fellow team members on a personal basis. Of course the best way to get globally connected with OG is to attend any (or all) of the OG sponsored events. The ORGANO™ annual conventions, Expos, training weekends, endless number of leadership and fast pay conference calls are all made available to guide and assist our Global Family members every step of the way when advancing in the leadership ranks.   

It is important for those in a leadership role to understand that teamwork doesn’t just happen by itself, and it certainly won’t take shape overnight. It requires dedication to lay a foundation of building blocks that cause your team members to want the same thing. With both sides working toward this common goal, and the unprecedented opportunity offered by ORGANO™ and the leadership of the Executive Team,  international success and a true spirit of teamwork can be achieved while creating a life divine with OG. #TasteTheGold