Lilia Bautista has not only proven herself to be a extraordinary role model to her ORGANO™ Global Family, and a loving role Mother to her twelve children, but she has also proven herself to be the highest ranking woman in ORGANO™ history! And, in honor of Mother’s Day, we sat down with Lilia to find out what ignites and fuels her spirit to obtain such success – as a OG Diamond and Mother Extraordinaire! Her answers will inspire you!

As the mother of 12 children, what has been your biggest challenge raising them?

As a mother of twelve children (eleven boys and one girl), the biggest challenge has been not only providing them with a formal education, but in molding them into true children of God.  All of my eleven children (one of my children died as a result of a liver disease called biliary cirrhosis or PBC), are now college graduates and some even have their Master’s degree.

What has motherhood taught you about running a successful business?

Motherhood is the greatest way to learn how to run a business. Managing a budget, spending wisely, being fair to each member of the family and especially knowing when and where a Mother is needed most.

Are any of your children working with you in OG? How many? What rank?

Yes! Matimyas, my only daughter, is a Doctor of Medicine and she is extremely knowledgeable regarding health issues and the use of nutraceuticals, as well as food supplements. Paraiso has been with ORGANO™ for the past eight years. Magiting handles the business for our coffee shop and school canteens. Gatbunyi, as a supervisor for the company where he works, shares ORGANO™ with friends, clients and co-workers. And, I am proud to say they have all achieved the Diamond rank with ORGANO™.

How has your family been impacted by ORGANO™?

ORGANO™ has been life changing for not only my immediate family, but in continuing our family advocacy to help sustain the livelihoods of the people in our community and all throughout the Philippines.

How many grandchildren do you have and how big are your family reunions? How many people show up at your house every time the family gets together to celebrate?

I have four daughters in law and five grandchildren. Every Sunday evening we dine together and our children often bring in laws, friends, drivers and nannies. At every one of these dinners we expect a minimum of 30 guests to arrive. Our clan reunions take place every year in March and at our New Years celebration, over one hundred relatives join the affair!

You are the highest ranked women in OG history. To what do you attribute your success?

First and foremost – my family! Especially my husband Dr. Virgilio “Gil” C. Bautista and my son Raio. They are both my fellow Diamonds and they are both active Distributors. And, of course, I am so grateful for the ORGANO™ Management Team in the Philippines – led by Ma’am Jo Roxas – for their contributions to my success and helping me achieve my rank. In addition, I am an avid consumer of  ORGANO™ products, as is my entire family. And, we are all enthusiastic about sharing the ORGANO™ opportunity and the wonderful experiences we’ve had along the way with OG. I must also give recognition and thanks to Mr. Bernie Chua, Mr. Shane Morand, Mr. Holton Buggs, all of my fellow Diamonds – Crown, Black, Blue, and the entire ORGANO™ Global Family – without them I would have never achieved the degree of success I have achieved – both personally and professionally!
At ORGANO™ we believe in acknowledging the achievements of our outstanding leaders, across the globe. And today, on Mother’s Day, the OG spotlight is on Lilia Bautista – our shining Diamond who consistently exceeds expectations, as a Mother to her family at home and her OG family – worldwide. For every other Mother around the world, on the Mother of all holidays, here’s to you – Happy Mother’s Day!  ORGANO™ Honors and Celebrates the Mother of All Holidays – It’s Mother’s Day – Worldwide! To all Mothers, across the globe, today we thank and honor you for the love you give unlike any other … A Mother’s Love!