For over 2,500 years, Buddhists around the world have celebrated the Prince Siddhartha Gautama “The Buddha’s” birthday. The exact date is not known for sure and different cultures celebrate on different dates – largely due to how ancient historical transcripts were translated and the conversion of different calendars throughout history. Traditionally, however, Buddha is celebrated on or around the first full moon in May Some cultures choose to memorialize the birth, enlightenment and passing of Buddha all on one day. Today, join ORGANO™ as we further explore the what, why and Zen of Buddha on this special day!

Expressions of Respect and Remembrance of Buddha:

Different cultures have different ways of expressing their faith, but there are some common themes: Buddhist temples are buzzing with activity and chants. Altars are decorated with flowers. Lanterns, candles and incense are lit as an expression of the Buddha’s enlightenment. Many neighborhoods have colorful parades with music, dancing, Kung Fu demonstrations, flags, fireworks and puppet shows. Lions, tigers and dragons, OH MY!  Friends and family share presents and food and prayer. All out of respect and remembrance for the Buddha.

Baby Buddha & Green Tea Baths:

Water is a very important part of this tradition as it is a symbol of purity and cleansing. Baby Buddha figures are bathed to signify spiritual purification.  Many temples use green Tea to cleanse the Buddha statue, and tea is also served to worshipers who attend the ceremony. No matter when or how or how long one celebrates, the meaning should always be the same; it’s an opportunity to reflect, meditate and take personal inventory. How much do we know about the Buddha’s virtues and his wisdom? Are we following the Buddha’s teachings and practices? Are we applying the principles in our daily lives?

What would Buddha Do?

Does Buddha care which day you celebrate? Probably not. Buddha taught us to celebrate whatever is happening right NOW, being mindful to live in the moment. There is no yesterday or tomorrow. There is only the eternal NOW, forever. That said, how will you celebrate? Why not have your own personal tea ceremony? Why Not celebrate all the different birthdays which are observed! Buddha says the only true way to pay homage to Him is by following his teachings. So the sole reason to celebrate is to practice love, peace and harmony. All of these are the keys to our personal awakening and enlightenment.

Good Coffee is Good Karma! Zen and the art of Tea?

There are many roads on the journey to enlightenment. Why not try some coffee Zen. This can be accomplished by sitting in solitude, quietly and still. We clear the conscious mind and empty all our thoughts, worries and fears. Focus on your breathing and your divine inner nature. Free yourself of physical and worldly things. Turn off your smart phone. Embrace the present moment – and savor the robust flavor of your favorite OG coffee or tea blend. Buddha says we are all twigs floating on the river of life. There is nothing quite like ORGANOto help transcend the spirit, letting your thoughts go completely while emptying your mind  – and your mug of OG! Simply enjoy the gourmet brew and the peaceful feeling of just “being”. Is the mug warming your hands? The aroma, taste, the steam? Does it soothe the spirit and nurture your inner essence? Let it completely embrace you. Drink in the mindfulness.

Got Zen? If so, or if not – either way enjoy the solitude of quietly taking in a cup filled with OG reflection, relaxation and refreshment. Soon the stresses will wash away and you will reach ORGANOcoffee nirvana. So, when it’s time to reflect and remember Buddha – get your calm on the OG way! #TasteTheGold