When it comes to any kind of public speaking event, training, presentation or OG Mixer – our brains are saying, “I Want Action! I Want Drama! I Want Suspense!” Well, the same holds true for your listeners. And, in today’s fast paced and technologically advanced world, people are time-pressed, content-driven, and results oriented – these are the facts. When it comes to sharing, showing, and spreading the word about the products and opportunity that defines ORGANO™ – let’s talk public speaking tips and techniques to help you set the stage for your next OG Mixer! Here are 10 techniques that are guaranteed to earn you more attention without losing any of your professional credibility.

That’s My Story & It’s All About You:

Storytelling is a powerful way to enter into any presentation, or  OG Mixer, because human beings are hard-wired to absorb information through storytelling. Tell a good story and you’ll get your audience’s attention from the get go, and lay the foundation for your guests to tell their story. Once you’ve got the crowd’s attention with your magnetic opening, it is important to make the story about your audience, and increase your “You-to-Me” ratio. You will want them to open up and start talking about their dreams,  goals, aspirations and even their anxieties. And when you confess something personal about yourself, it can make the audience feel more connected to you, and open the floodgates for them to share more about themselves.  

Keep it Moving – Rapid and Steady:

Fast, not just in terms of the pace in which you speak, but in the way your develop and present the information. Make sure that the new information you provide builds on what came before that.  We all lose interest in movies when nothing is happening, or novels that stop while the author makes page long descriptions about a location or setting – the same holds true at your OG Mixer, don’t lose your  listener’s interest in the details.

Could We Please Just Get To The Point:

One of the great pleasures for the audience, and the speaker, is to be able to quickly grasp the information you are presenting. What are you getting at? People often get anxious while waiting for “the point of it all” when attending public speaking events. And, they may even resent having to wait too long for, or being robbed entirely of,  the point of it all. Make sure yours is a no-nonsense presentation that moves like a bullet train – straight down the track headed for the point. Give them the point, make it early and often, and the audience will surely be grateful.  

Persuasive Advocates – Humor and Emotions:

Humor is inherently persuasive, as it can literally change the chemistry in the room, and in the brain of every person present at your OG mixer. This does not mean telling jokes like a comedian, but by allowing your natural sense of humor to be present in the moment, and when something comes to mind, allow your humor to reveal itself to your listeners.  

Keep It Active & Interactive:

Social scientists have demonstrated that an interactive audience is more easily engaged and persuaded than a passive audience.  The give and take between speaker and audience breaks through barriers and the reserve felt by some listeners. Encouraging your audience to engage with you, will make them feel “a part” of the group.  An effective speaker, or leader, will ask questions and share answers in such a way that the guests at your mixer will feel free to open up and participate.

Keep It Simple & Let There Be You:

There is something about the presence of another human being speaking alone in front of a group, whether it’s the floor of a small meeting room or the elevated platform of a ballroom, that is profound.  However, it is critical to stop talking – before your audience stops listening! We all know that the mind cannot absorb what the mind (or body) cannot endure any longer.  And speakers beware, listeners interpret everything you do;  they read your face, your inner rhythm, your posture, voice, and even your stance.  And, the mind does this in a matter of seconds – so you will have to speak longer than that. Your technical skill at capturing, and holding your audience’s attention could be the difference between success and failure at getting your message across at your OG Mixer.

In the famous words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “What you are speaks so loudly that nobody can hear what you’re saying.” Your results, and your reputation, will improve when your audience finds you credible and when the information you shared was effectively received. The information being, the expansive OG gourmet beverage product line and, more importantly, the opportunity that ORGANO™ provides to first build, and then live a divine life along side your ORGANO™ Global Family members. #TasteTheGold