We’re spotlighting Stephen, Deanna, and Casey Nilsen, a whole family of Blue Diamond leaders–Casey is the daughter of Stephen and Deanna–and how they built their successful business. They persevered through personal adversity, health issues, and economic uncertainty as a family to reach their goals with ORGANO™.

What is “that moment” when you realized that you need changes in your life? A change for the better.

We joined ORGANO™ for two reasons: Deanna fell in love with the product the first day she tried it and Stephen believed we could create a six-figure income in a short period of time if we worked the business.

In the early part of 2009, when we started working our business, Deanna was the broker/owner of her own real estate company, Stephen was a traditional business owner recovering from multiple back surgeries, and Casey was an introverted, full-time college student with health challenges. To say we needed a change was an understatement.

Was there a particular moment that we realized we needed a change in our lives? There were many. We understood right away that the recession was not going to be as brief as everyone wanted and we wanted to do more than simply survive the economic turmoil. We wanted to win big. To be free from the stress of wondering how the bills were going to get paid.

All we had to do was attend one business briefing to see that people from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances were winning in OG. Our first OG meeting gave us something even more powerful than opportunity–it gave us hope.

Every sample we gave away, every box of coffee we sold, every time we showed the plan, that flame of hope was fanned into a burning blaze. Every new Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond that broke gave us that “moment” of realization that the dreams we had, both as individuals and a family, were not only possible, if we worked hard consistently on our business and ourselves, our dreams would be a reality. Every OG success story inspired our belief to greater heights.

What is your Zone 1?

Being in Zone 1 in OG is all about sharing. We share samples of our incredible products, we share stories of hope and inspiration, we share from our knowledge and experience, and we share the OG mission and opportunity. We strive to remember how we got started in the business.

A stranger gave Stephen three samples of the OG Latte and Deanna loved the coffee so much she had to have more right away. The gateway to our incredible journey here with ORGANO™ was samples of the product.

Remembering the simple power of a properly given sample is the most important part of Zone 1 for us. We believe so strongly in the benefits of our products that it makes sampling fun and effective. Give the sample, follow up, and don’t be afraid to ask for the sale or invite someone to see the plan.

How long did it take you to reach your current rank?

We became Blue Diamonds after working the business for 36 months.

What were your goals?

We had our sights set on Blue Diamond because we witnessed so many people become Diamonds that we knew Blue Diamond was possible, and we hit our goal less than a year after becoming Diamonds. We had a goal to be part of the first wave of Blue Diamonds in the company.

How did you accomplish them?

Qualifying for and attending the leadership events conducted by Holton Buggs played a major role in us reaching our goals. Every time we attended a training, we learned, we grew, we were inspired, and we were stretched to think bigger than we had ever thought before. In-home meetings were the heartbeat of success in our team.

Almost every day we were showing the plan in living rooms, offices, coffee shops ,and restaurants. We had people tell us “No”, but we also had a lot of people who believed in OG’s vision and said “Yes”. The more in-home meetings we had, the more people in our group were becoming Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and Diamonds.

Massive growth in an organization is directly correlated to massive exposure of the opportunity to new people in in-home meetings. Becoming Blue Diamonds in OG required consistent activity, leading by example, a willingness to grow, and creating an environment conducive to winning.

Did you have any role models?

Holton Buggs has been our role model in our business. He leads by example, tells the truth, and believes bigger than anyone we have ever known. Our goals in ORGANO™ are about profitability and leadership, and he has set extreme examples of both. Having a role model is about trust. Holton Buggs has earned our trust through his principle based leadership and we are excited to be a part of his vision of creating ORGANO™ into a billion dollar a year company.

What are your next goals?

A few years from now we see ourselves as Crown Ambassadors having a significant role in OG.

What advice do you have for new Distributors?

Make a commitment to work your ORGANO™ business consistently. Commit to the dreams and goals you have set for yourself. This business has afforded us so many blessings and it can be the same for you if you work consistently and believe it’s possible. Believe in yourself and believe in ORGANO™.

Have fun building this business, but be sure to take the business seriously. Share this product and opportunity from your heart, and share it consistently. Treat people well, set an example of profitability and leadership in your organization, and plug into all of the major OG events.

What motivated you?

Our motivation for success came from necessity. We needed to replace two strong six-figure incomes that were affected by an unexpected injury and the difficult real estate market. We didn’t just want OG to work, we needed it to. Holton Buggs told us OG would work if we would. And so we went to work sharing the plan, selling coffee, and recruiting new business partners.

Success didn’t happen overnight, but after we had been working the business for eighteen months we were so thrilled and grateful for the success we were having, that it motivated us to reach for more success, help more people, and continue to grow as business owners and leaders.

Do you have any mantras you would like to share?

“Dig the well before you are thirsty.”