OG! OG! OG! That is the chant you’ll hear when attending any one of our incredible conventions and it is the power of our unique products, combined with an unparalleled business opportunity, that allows our Distributors to capitalize on the growing health and wellness industry.

For those who join our Global Family of Distributors, and like OG Emerald Riccardo di Gasparro has experienced firsthand, our compensation plan rewards individuals for their commitment and can create life-changing income opportunities for many generations to come. With his country facing an economic crisis back in 2006, Riccardo realized that he had no intention of going along with the crowd; he was determined to be different and even more committed to become an ORGANO success story!

I Have – I Can and I Will Go All The Way Up: The starting point of all achievement is desire, and for Riccardo that means “having a strong belief in my abilities, respect for others and my team, as well as a maintaining a strong sense of personal self esteem”.

Riccardo has never desired to live a “normal” life, and has always yearned for a life of excellence. He further mentions, “what you think about yourself can make a big difference when growing your business.” Riccardo always tells himself that he has the skills and can do it; not allowing himself to settle for mediocrity. Riccardo lives his ‘life of excellence’ by not only achieving the maximum levels of success that he, himself, defines – but is the person that helps others to do same.

Master The Exposure Process – Go Where The People Go and Share: The best way to share the ORGANO experience, and enthusiasm for the opportunity, is to share the products with your friends, family and the people you meet out in the world – literally! And as Riccardo exclaims, “I go wherever I can to meet new people, and that is everywhere I go – everyday.”

Riccardo makes it his business to meet new acquaintances while pumping gas, making a deposit at the bank, standing in line at the grocery store and connecting with people on all the various social media channels. Every minute, of every day, can be used to maximize the exposure you bring to your business, while sharing the treasures of the earth with the people of the world.

Leaders Who Lead and Who Pave The Way To Diamond: At OG, it is our global leaders who have been at the forefront of the movement to change lives, and continue to cultivate a culture of success and prosperity for its Global Family Members. And for Riccardo, he was able to reach Emerald status in November of 2014 by simply listening and following the lead of our Crown Ambassador, Mr. Jose Ardon, adopting the approach of sponsor and Blue Diamond, Riccardo Benato, and believing in the vision of mentor and OG Chief Visionary Officer, Mr. Holton Buggs.  

As Riccardo reflects, “The first thing you must do if you want to achieve success, is to believe that you can achieve it! I have relied heavily on the collaboration and constant edification from a long list of OG leaders. And, without the loyalty, unity and values of the people who have succeeded before me, it would have been difficult for me to practice the principles of success without their guidance every step of the way.”

Do Not Re-Invent The System – Just Work It – That’s It: As a goal-driven organization that continually sets the bar high to increase impact across the world, Riccardo works the OG proven system and the 4 Steps to Success.

Riccardo states very simply, “My number one piece of advice for new Distributors is – do not try to re-invent the system. It is a proven system for a reason – it has worked for the people who have paved the way for us all, and it is the vehicle I have chosen to go Diamond in Italy by March of 2017! And by the end of 2018, look for me – walking across the recognition stage as a Black Diamond – because I am following the leaders who did not waste any time trying to re-invent OG’s proven system for success. I have made the commitment to go beyond, to never give up, and to build my global business with determination and enthusiasm, and most importantly – to become an inspiring leader to my global team.”

As ONE TEAM with ONE DREAM, we understand that we are only as Strong as we are United. And when we say “It’s Easy, It’s Simple It’s ORGANO – it’s more than just a tagline – it’s a proven system to help you not only build a customer base, but to build a successful business and a sustainable legacy for generations to come. With the opportunity that is ORGANO, the opportunities are endless when it comes to expanding your knowledge, harnessing your power and unleashing your entrepreneurial spirit.



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