Most people remember where they were when a man landed on the moon. They remember when they first fell in love, or their first heartbreak.

Sadly, if you’ve ever left your used OG Shaker bottle in the backseat of your car for a few days, you won’t soon forget the volcano of rotten scented horror that explodes into your face when you open the lid.

The odors that fester and develop in a used shaker bottle create such a vile windstorm of wretched filth, the very idea of forgetting to rinse out your OG shaker is repulsive.

The consequences and liabilities are too great to leave a shaker with any remnant of liquid whatsoever.

Shaker bottles double as scientific petri dishes if left unattended or neglected.

So unless you enjoy foul aromas and questionable air molecules entering your nasal passages, OG suggests very, very simple maintenance tips that very well may save you and your loved ones from severe trauma.

Because shaker bottles have lids, they lure you into a false sense of security, as if the contents therein are protected from outside forces.

Au contraire mon frère.

Such a vacuumed environment enables the tiny liquid leftovers to grow bacteria and depending on how long your shaker sits around, the smelly bacteria can flourish, multiply and develop into an adorable, thriving community of putrid moldy scum.

The contents simply rot and plot your untimely demise.

One thing should be very clear about using your shaker bottle: rinse immediately after usage. There is no time like the present.

It’s not worth putting off it’s cleaning in the off chance you forget and are obliged to open it at a later date.

Give it a good hot rinse, then add a drop or five of dish soap and give your shaker a shake, then rinse.

This ought to be sufficient for cleaning. But, don’t make the mistake of setting the clean, wet shaker upright.

Find a clean area that you can set your shaker bottle upside down to continue to dry. To be safe, give your bottle a brief rinse before its next usage too.

OG encourages you to have a few shakers on hand, so you can send it through the washing machine after about 6 usages for a real thorough cleanse.

Shaker bottles are our friends if we treat them with respect.

They can be a fierce enemy if left idle and to their own dreadful devices. Be good to them and they’ll be good to you.


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