How many holidays can you think of that are so huge they can’t be defined by a single name? Well, in the United States of America, it’s Independence Day, July Fourth, America’s Birthday or Fourth of July!  And, no matter what you call it, this holiday has more heat and sizzle than a backyard barbeque under the scorching summer sun! Today is Monday, July 4th and the ORGANO™ global family is saluting the Stars and Stripes in celebration of America’s Independence Day!

Happy Birthday America the Beautiful:

Every year Americans’ honors the birthday of the United States of America. Independence Day, also known as 4th of July, is considered to be the birthday of America the Beautiful. It is celebrated on July 4th every year, and marks the anniversary of the day on which the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. This was the same day that the United States announced to the world that their 13 colonies no longer belonged to Great Britain. The very first celebration of America’s Independence was in Philadelphia on July 8, 1776.

The Most Famous Tea Party in History:

Both coffee and tea will forever be linked to the history of the United States, and its “Founding Fathers” threw one of the most famous tea parties in history. In short, the original colonists were forced to buy imported tea from the British Empire at a minimal price. That seems like a good thing, right? Well, to not for the companies producing tea in the 13 original colonies, as it made the local tea much more expensive by comparison. So, a few of the Founding Fathers (such as Samuel Adams and John Hancock), decided to put on a display of supreme defiance! They boarded 3 British owned ships, which were docked in Boston Harbor loaded to the gills with crates of British Tea, and set out to throw it all overboard into the harbor. This now meant only the tea from local producers was available, because the low cost tea supply was on the harbor floor. This was a very bold and symbolic act, and the resulting sparks ignited a firework display that can still be seen every July 4th!

Why the Red, White and Blue?

America is synonymous with the colors Red, White and Blue – buy why? Here are the star spangled colors, and the symbols they represent to the citizens of America the Beautiful:

Red = Hardiness and Courage

White = Purity and Innocence

Blue = Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice

Lady Liberty & France’s Symbolic Gift: 

The “larger than life” Lady Liberty copper statue stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, and proudly stands in remembrance of FREEDOM for the United States. France gave the statue to America in 1884, as a symbol of friendship and of the liberty that citizens enjoy under a free form of government. The statues proper name is Liberty Enlightening the World. The statue represents a proud woman raising her right arm high, torch in hand. Her left arm grasping a tablet bearing the date of the Declaration of Independence. A crown with huge spikes, like sun rays, rest on her head. At her feet is a broken shackle, which symbolizes the overthrow of tyranny and Liberty and Justice for All!

LiberTea – Let The Sparks Fly with OG:

ORGANO™’s authentic Rooibos African Red Tea that is! No caffeine, no problem with OG’s African Red! Our Red is the perfect complement for those who prefer a more casual and relaxing celebration of independence. Bursting with a savory blend of sweet and nutty flavors, this brew cup’s enticing aroma make it truly one of a kind. And, when the heat is on – on the 4th of July – put it on ice and taste the gold!

african red_900px

Like America the Beautiful (Sweet Land of Liberty) and the celebration of its Independence Day, ORGANO™ is a truly uplifting and global phenomenon which will surely be revered and inspire many future generations to come. From the OG Global Family to yours – Let Freedom Ring and Happy Fourth of July!