It seems there is no other occasion which is celebrated so universally around the world as Mother’s Day. No matter how you say it or spell it, nothing brings the world closer together than Mom, Madre, Mutter, Mama, Mater. This year, more than 200 countries around the globe will celebrate some version of Mother’s Day. Although the dates may vary from country to country (most celebrate sometime in May) and the origins and traditions may differ, the central theme is the same – it’s a time to honor and celebrate our Mother and all the maternal bonds in our life for which we are so grateful. Join ORGANO™ on this very special day of celebration, and exploration, of how our beloved Mothers are recognized around the world!

The Mother of All Holidays – Mother’s Day Around The World:

One thing all countries seem to have in common, as a standard method of adoration expression; flowers, phone calls and a day of pampering are big every year, everywhere, across the globe – for example:

In Asia:

Many Mothers can be seen wearing a flower such as a carnation or a rose on their special day. Carnations of all colors are also very popular as well as the traditional white lily. In ancient times, mothers would plant a white lily when their child left home. Giving a lily on Mother’s Day is said to be a way or returning the gift of life to one’s Mother.  

In Latin America:

Multiple families often gather together on “Dia de las Madres”, or “Day for the Mothers” bringing special colorful dishes made with traditional recipes, often handed down from generations of Mothers. Families all join in and eat together sharing laughter, memories and recipes. The celebrations are always full of music and dance.

In Australia:

The chrysanthemum is the most popular flower on Mother’s Day. It is a tradition to give your “Mum” a “Mum” on her special day. If you can’t give a Mum – you wear one in honor of your Mum.

In Europe:

It is a tradition for small children to make crafts at school and present them to their Mother in the morning while she is still in bed. These gifts are often accompanied with croissants and other delicious pastries.

In the United States and Canada:

The Mother’s Day traditions are as eclectic and diverse as the people who live there. But one thing is for sure – on Mother’s Day it’s all about Mom and a day of pampering starts first thing in the morning and lasts all day long!

Life Lessons Taught by MOM with Coffee & Tea:

For many of us, our first lessons in coffee talk or tea techniques were from our Mother, of course!  Our earliest memories of our Mom may involve a coffee percolator, a French coffee press or a tea bag steeping in hot water with a lemon twist. With tea served in fine china, we increased our vocabulary and our understanding of physics with accessories like the “tea cozy” and “infuser”. We learned about time by watching and waiting for the kettle to boil, all the while hearing our mother tell us “a watched kettle never boils”. We learned what the word “HOT” really means if we touch that kettle on the stove. Mommy, what is a Demitasse cup? Our Mother’s corrected us when we said EXpresso instead of Espresso. How about Tasseography – did your Mom teach you the ancient tradition of reading tea leaves? Will these traditions be passed for generations to come because of Mom?

Celebrate MOM Morning, Noon & Night – The ORGANO™ Way:

Looking for a way to celebrate the Mother in your life? How about serving Mom some breakfast or pastries in bed, along with a hot steamy cup of OG Gourmet Café Latte? How about some of ORGANO™’s finest African Red Rooibos Sweet Tea Blend served up with Sunday brunch, or with some of those tiny little sandwiches she loves?  What about a pot roast for dinner – the dinner that someone OTHER than MOM had to cook?  And, for dessert put a little extra LOVE in her cup with ORGANO™’s Te Amô – The Finest Decaf in Single-Cup Servings.  That is…after someone OTHER than MOM has cleaned up and washed all the dishes? 

Certainly no Mother’s Day would be complete without shining the spotlight on OG’s very own Queen of Coffee and Diamond Mother Extraordinaire Lilia Bautista. Lilia is not only a Mother of 12, but to her entire OG Global Family! The ORGANO™ Spotlight is on “The Queen of Coffee” & Mother Extraordinaire- Lilia Bautista

You can’t be with Mom on her special day? How about a gift basket filled with a variety of ORGANO™ Gourmet Coffee or Tea Blends? So, no matter where in the world you are, when it comes time for Mother’s Day, remember to WAKE UP and smell the ORGANO™ gourmet coffee and tea blends to make sure to honor your Mother the OG way on Mother’s Day! #TasteTheGold