In the United States, March is celebrated as Women’s History Month and honors the extraordinary achievements of American women. At ORGANO™, we have incredible women leaders who inspire and lead – so what better month than March to launch our monthly blog honoring The Women of Wiin!  We start with the woman who created the movement Earlene Buggs.   

Who is Earlene Buggs?

I am first and foremost a child of God. I am my mother’s daughter. I am a wife, mother, and an entrepreneur. I am a leader, a teacher, a mentor, a friend and a fashionista.

What is “that moment” when you realized that you need changes in your life; a change for the better?

A defining moment for me was when I had a car repossession and was 45 days away from losing my home. I knew I had to make a change in my life for the better. I vowed that there would come a time in my life when I would no longer worry about money.

Where is your passion for Women coming from?

I have been fortunate to have had many hardworking, honorable female role models in my life. I have so much respect for the many roles women play in society. I just want to use my resources, influence and wisdom to give back to women. In the age of reality television and social media, we have forgotten how to love and respect one another. I want to do my part to restore the beauty of female friendship.

How did you come up with your mission and the Vision?

Although I have many material possessions, I don’t have a perfect life. I have a beautiful family and a great marriage but I had to grow and sacrifice for those things. Happiness is a choice and it takes work and commitment to maintain. When I learned to speak about the pain from a position of strength, my life changed for the better. I want to share my journey with other women.

Who is your mentor? Do you have a Champion/Role Model and why? What is your Mantra?

My husband is my mentor.

Oprah is a champion and role model for me because of how she brings people together and does work that matters to others.

My mantra is: “Trust the process of life…everything works together for good.”

What in your life has brought or given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment? Looking back what would you have done differently? What would you do again?

My family has brought me the greatest happiness of my life. I’m grateful and appreciative of having a loving marriage and family life. It is fulfilling to know that my husband and son are happy and that I do work that matters to others. I would do it all again…I wouldn’t change one thing about my life or experiences because to change one thing could quite possibly changes everything.

Raised by a single Mom, how did that affect/shape your character? How did you learn to detach your personal environment and personal story to your own life as a woman?

Raised by a single mom, I was taught to appreciate the little things in life as there wasn’t enough money, at times, for luxury items. I learned work ethic by watching my mom work 2 to 3 jobs to provide for me. I also learned to be self-sufficient because I had to take care of myself whenever my mom had to work.

How do you stay positive in the face of adversity?

Positivity is a choice. I have challenging moments but never challenging days. I typically give myself 5 minutes of disappointment and then I snap out of it and move on. 

What keeps you humble or grounded?

Gratitude is the key to humility. The understanding that the world doesn’t owe us anything is what keeps me grounded.

How did you balance the multiple roles that you play?

Balance is over-rated.  Success requires you to be out of balance at times.  The key is knowing why you are out of balance or making a sacrifice. Life is difficult. Knowing what you want and why you want it makes it easier to sacrifice.

What is a Woman who WiiNs?

A woman who WiiNs is simply a woman who knows who she is and knows what she wants.  She is purpose-driven, confident and integritious.

What is an I WiiN Workshop?

The iWiN Workshop is essentially a “Life-class” for women…it is a safe place for women to speak about their pain, be a part of a sisterhood of love and support, and learn the skills necessary to grow and change.

Be sure to see Mrs Earlene on the ORGANO™ Women’s Panel in Las Vegas, March 4-5, as part of the Ultimate Training Experience (UTX) weekend.


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