Did you hear?  ORGANO™ just announced a new Preferred Customer (PC) program. The new PC program allows customers to receive a 25 percent discount on the retail purchase for any ORGANO™ product. ORGANO™ defines a “Preferred Customer” as a retail customer that participates in the Company’s monthly Autoship program, with recurring purchases. The Preferred Customer program will be available in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

In addition to building a stronger Preferred Customer base, and the new loyal customers we anticipate your ORGANO™ business acquiring – there’s more.  Not only are we celebrating the new PC program, but today we are also launching the new 3 Free Program for Distributors in the U.S., Canada & Mexico.

How does it work?  Simple – Find, Sign & Enjoy!  You simply find 3 customers, have them sample any of the amazing ORGANO™ flavors, offer the Autoship Preferred Customer option, to Taste the Gold with ORGANO™ products. Then sit back and enjoy a free box of Black, Latte or Mocha ORGANO™ coffee ORGANO™ Distributor who successfully enrolls 3 Preferred Customers, who complete a full monthly cycle on Autoship, will receive their choice of one FREE Black, Latte or Mocha ORGANO™ coffee.  And, the best part – the 3 Free Program is here to stay.

We believe that everyone can harness their own income possibilities with ORGANO™, we are not just a product company, ORGANO™ is a relationship company – empowering individuals and changing lives on every continent.  No matter what corner of the earth you’re from, everyone loves to save money – especially on something they drink and enjoy – every day!

Sign in to your BackOffice to review the official guidelines and learn how, in 3 simple steps, you have the opportunity to significantly grow your Preferred Customer base.  And, don’t forget to view, and especially share, the press release announcing ORGANO’s new Preferred Customer Program.  Then, Go – Find, Sign & Enjoy – Today!

It’s easy. It’s Simple. It’s ORGANO™