Organo Gold moscow russiaOne of the most exciting things about Organo Gold isn’t that it is already in over 30 countries around the world — it’s the notion that there are still so many countries with massive populations in which the brand and its amazing products have yet to be launched. With a global company like Organo Gold, there’s just so much room for growth, the opportunities are almost limitless.

From September 13-15, Organo Gold co-founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand experienced the global excitement firsthand when he presented the three days of training, coaching and information sessions in Moscow. This vibrant city in Russia, home to a population of 11 million people, is an example of one of the many markets that are crying out for the products and opportunity.

Morand spoke — via a Russian interpreter, OG’s very own Diana Petrova — to a packed house in the city of Moscow, and the excitement in the air was palpable. The Russian audience seemed particularly enchanted with the ancient herbal ingredient of Ganoderma that is present in almost all of Organo Gold’s products.

Experience the excitement of the event live via this video link, and remember that this is just the beginning of Organo Gold’s global expansion.

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