Organo Gold russiaNaturally, during the three-day event in Russia, Shane Morand had to have his speeches translated by a Russian interpreter. But during the event, there was also another kind of translating taking place. Morand noticed one individual using sign language to translate his words to a group of eight people in the audience. When he approached the group, he discovered they were entirely deaf. For the remainder of the session, Morand checked in with the sign language translator to make sure he was able to convey the speech to the group. At the conclusion he checked again, and was assured by the group that they had it down to a science. This announcement was met with wild approval by both the crowd and Morand. “It just goes to show you that the OG Opportunity is available to anyone in the world,” Shane reiterates. “We would never leave anybody behind!”

So, that’s the Organo Gold message, “signed, sealed and delivered” no matter what the language.

Russia Tour: third in a series of three posts