Organo Gold singaporeThe year 2014 has just begun and it’s already an exciting time for Organo Gold, with the recent announcement that OG will open for business in Singapore this month. “The opening of Singapore is critical for Organo Gold to help meet increased product demand in Southeast Asia,” said Organo Gold Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Chua. “We will continue to aggressively establish the OG global footprint 2014, and look forward to serving customers in Singapore who are seeking to make Organo Gold products a part of their healthy, active lifestyles.”

“Singapore marks the sixth country in Asia where Organo Gold has opened operations in less than five years,” remarked Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Holton Buggs. “The constant inquiries about the OG opportunity and the country’s diverse demographics make Singapore a critical component of OG’s South East Asia business strategy.”

Singapore, an island in Southeast Asia, is a highly urbanized country with a diverse population. A large number of citizens are of Chinese and Indian origin and Singapore is also known for its large expat community of people from the UK, France and Australia. Renowned for beautiful flora, incredible cuisine and an outdoor lifestyle due to the warm climate, Singapore is an ideal community for Organo Gold.

To celebrate OG’s arrival in this vibrant country, Organo Gold Global Master Distributor and Co-Founder Shane Morand will be in Singapore this Sunday, January 5, for an income opportunity training event. “I’m excited to start the new year off in Singapore with our new OG Family members,” said Morand.

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