Organo GoldThe Organo Gold office in the Philippines reports that many OG Distributors have been affected by the recent typhoon disaster — with some members losing their homes and even their loved ones. According to United Nations reports, an estimated 660,000 people have been displaced, and a total of 9.8 million affected by this storm.

One of the most powerful storms on record ever to make landfall, the super typhoon — dubbed Haiyan in US media reports but named Yolanda by authorities the Philippines — hit the Philippines November 8, with winds that clocked an average speed of 195 mph. It flattened entire towns in its wake, leaving debris on roads and making travel extremely difficult. Relief efforts have been hampered somewhat due to difficulty reaching the remote areas where people have been most affected.

But survivors are rallying in the wake of the disaster. And the Organo Gold Family has people on the ground making sure help gets to those who need it most. Several OG members (including relatives of Vic Daganas, Jowien Palma and members of Joel Lusterio’s network) are on their way to Cebu, after traveling from Tacloban, one of the worst hit areas, to Ormoc on foot. Their objective is to pick up relief packages at the Organo Gold business hub in Cebu, where they can then ensure that help will reach any OG members in need of assistance.

Cebu has become a central hub of local and international relief activity, as it it home to an airbase where supplies are able to be received. The U.S Marines, the Royal Australian Air Force and other nations and relief organizations are sending planes loaded with medical supplies, shelter materials, hygiene kits and other gear.

The Organo Gold Family is proud to help the relief efforts in the wake of this shocking natural disaster, and will continue to offer assistance in support however possible.