MANNY FB Banner-Recovered

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – April 27, 2015 – Organo Gold, the gourmet coffee company that caters to consumers’ active lifestyles, proudly announced today it has extended its partnership with professional boxer and popular cultural icon, Manny Pacquiao. Known globally as the “Fighter of the Decade,” Pacquiao is also admired as an entrepreneurial leader, a successful Congressman currently serving in the Congress of the Philippines, and as a prominent humanitarian.

Pacquiao will showcase the OG partnership by bearing the Company logo on his attire during press and weigh-in activities the morning of May 2. The much anticipated Floyd Mayweather fight, being called “the fight of the century,” can be viewed the evening of May 2 on HBO as a Pay Per View (PPV) event at 6pm Pacific Standard Time.

OG Distributors will be holding Fight Night Global CJM parties for all Manny enthusiasts. Each mixer will feature OG products for sampling as well as viewing access to the fight. To find a Fight Night Global CJM please visit the OG website event page.

“Organo Gold is the next generation of direct selling – a minority-owned and operated global company that leverages this new age of entrepreneurism,” stated Bernardo Chua, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Organo Gold. “Manny Pacquiao personifies the OG generation, mission and lifestyle.”