Organo Gold moscow russiaShane Morand and his team were truly inspired by some of the stories that emerged during the recent three-day event in the historic Russian city of Moscow. One of the stories that amazed Morand and Organo Gold CEO Bernardo Chua was that of one group of 60 people who traveled for three days in a bus all the way from Kazakhstan in order to attend the training event in Moscow. “Now that’s what you call commitment!” Morand exclaimed when this incredible story traveled around the event.

Another inspiration was the tale of Varlam Grigoryan, a brand new OG Diamond from the Ukraine. Grigoryan had no prior network marketing or sales experience, yet he was able to become one of the first Diamond Distributors in the Ukraine. And he did it with empty packets! Grigoryan wowed the crowd by talking about how he used the only thing he had, initially, to help promote his fledgling business — an empty coffee sachet that his sponsor had given him. Later, his sponsor sent him an empty box. He couldn’t afford the Promo Packs back then, but simply by using these empty packets as props to share the opportunity, and by following the Organo Gold 4 Steps, Grigoryan was able to build his business all the way to the Diamond level.

That just shows the power of the Organo Gold opportunity — even when it’s just the empty packets, the products really do sell themselves. And it also speaks to the power of dedication — when folks like Varlam Grigoryan commit to it, they really can make their business a success.

“Diverse groups of people that came from all over the world loved the opportunity and felt that Organo Gold could offer them a better future,” commented Morand after he’d heard these incredible stories. “It just goes to show you, Organo Gold is built for everybody.”

Russia Tour: second in a series of three posts