Organo GoldWe’ve probably all heard the old saying that “A poor workman blames his tools.” Thankfully, at Organo Gold, our tools are second to none. We’re incredibly proud of all of the business tools we are able to offer our Distributors. From logo branded coffee mugs to product and opportunity brochures, putting these tools into the hands of Distributors is one of the things we feel really helps to build businesses.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that the Organo Gold E-store is now open in Europe. And this new European E-store is brimming with promotional items and tools to help any OG business thrive. From flipcharts, brochures and banners to pins, mugs, pens, caps, keychains, branded clothing and other merchandise — it’s all available now in an impressive 10 languages: Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Slovenian and Spanish. And all prices are listed in Euro.

All of these items are useful not only in OG business, but in everyday life. And to celebrate the launch of the new European E-store, we’re offering some exciting promotional product bundles:

  • Standard Bundle: Features 9 of the most popular business tools, with a saving of 29%
  • Premium Bundle: Offers 16 of the best items, with a saving of 16%.

The items in these bundles really will help improve your business and heighten the visibility of the Organo Gold brand, so it’s a win-win deal!

Head to the new EU store now to enhance and support your business with these impressive and successful tools. Don’t delay!