Organo Gold mexico third anniversaryAs people in the US were gathering with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving last week, and the rest of the world was enjoying a typical relaxing weekend, the OG Family rocked the arena in Monterrey celebrating OG Mexico’s third anniversary.

The two-day event, which included workshops on Friday, November 29 and an arena recognition celebration on Saturday November 30, was a raging success, with both days were incredibly intense and overflowing with OG energy. The Friday workshops were standing room only and the arena was jam-packed. With thousands in attendance, this was the largest non-U.S. event in OG’s history. This comes as no surprise — the massive growth and success of OG in the three short years since it launched in Mexico has been nothing short of spectacular, as CEO Bernie Chua noted when he delivered his remarks to the cheering crowd.

“We started with a 10-square meter office with 100 Distributor applications. Our staff, just three people, was taking 150 orders per month, and those orders were shipped from a single warehouse in Mexico City. Today, OG Mexico has an 800-square meter headquarters and well over 100,000 Distributors. Our 60 person staff now takes over 17,000 orders per month, and those orders are shipped from five different distribution centers throughout Mexico,” said Chua.

The high-energy event featured a live band playing throughout Saturday’s announcements, plus some show-stopping dance and acrobatic routines. But what really stole the show was the on-stage recognition for OG Mexico’s Black Diamonds Steve Martin and Raul Luna, along with the husband and wife teams of Jose Luis Rivas and Maialen Medina Ruiz; Rodolfo Rodríguez and Melisa Rodríguez; and Ivan Tapia and Johana I Vega Romo.

Also thrilling the crowd were several big announcements, including Shane Morand’s launch of an exclusive Spanish edition of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, priced at $19.37 USD in commemoration of the year the original book was published, plus the launch of a new “combo” promo package for Distributors with permanent free shipping, and the impending December 13 opening of a new OG distribution center in Monterrey, the fifth to open in Mexico in just three years.

Organo Gold’s Country Manager of Mexico, Rodolfo Vargas and his team are to be congratulated for organizing such an amazing event, befitting the success of Organo Gold in Mexico. As Bernie Chua stated to the packed arena, this is an incredible time to be part of the OG Family, and the future looks bright indeed for Organo Gold.