It’s not uncommon for people all over the world to start their day with an OG coffee. A morning cup is the perfect way to get your day going and it can help you get through the first few hours of the morning.

However, as we all know by now, OG coffee can be enjoyed in many ways – not just in a cup. For today’s recipe, we’re going to show you a new way to use our OG coffee so you can put a fresh spin on a traditional and classic breakfast meal.

Crack a few eggs, break out the cinnamon, and pour out the Mocha – it’s time to make some OG French Toast!

Bon appetite!



1 sachet of Mocha

Bread slices


3 oz of milk of your choice

1 egg

¼ Cinnamon

Sugar –to taste


Maple Syrup- optional



In a shallow bowl empty the Mocha sachet add milk, egg, cinnamon and sugar.

Stir the mixture together until it has dissolved.

On medium, heat frying pan on stove. Melt a little bit of butter and dip the bread into the bowl

with the mixture.

Make sure both sides are wet. With fork, allow the bread to drip over bowl.

Place slice of bread in pan. Continue process with the other slices. Turn slices over when bread

is slightly brow. Remove cooked slices to a plate and keep warm.

Garnish with bananas and serve warm with maple syrup.