We talk a lot here at Organo Gold about how the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom is one fungus that is as extraordinary as it looks. But even we have to admit, there are a lot of other exceptional-looking ‘shrooms out there. It seems nature really had fun with fungus! Some look like creatures from a coral reef, others look like something plucked straight from a children’s fairy tale, and some don’t resemble traditional stem and cap mushrooms at all.


Here’s a slideshow of just some of the many fantastical looking mushrooms that are out there. Of course, the incredible shiny-capped Ganoderma (or Reishi as it is also know) will always be our favourite fungus here at OG.




Ganoderma tsugae


Shitake Mushrooms


Trametes versicolor “Turkey Tail”



Maitake Mushrooms