OGlicious_2014_v2_3You spent the time developing the recipes, styling up your finished product and sending the entries in to the OGlicious Recipe Contest. Now we want to help you make your recipe rocket to the top!

So here are a few tips on how to get more votes for your entry in the OGlicious contest:

  1. Like, comment and Share the Oglicious posts from Organo Gold
    When you interact with our posts facebook will be more likely to show it to your friends as well.
  2. Use social media management tools
    Tools — such as social media platform manager Hootsuite — are a great way to schedule posts in advance. You can post to multiple social media profiles ahead of time. Just make sure you don’t post too often and overwhelm your friends or followers. Balance is key here.
  3. Contact influencers
    Do you know people that have a lot of followers? Having them retweet your recipe with a link to the contest to the world for a vote is a great way to get people voting for yours.
  4. Enter another recipe
    If your recipe is not getting enough votes, consider entering another one to increase your chances — there are no limits on the number of entries. Contest ends September 30th. 
  1. Use a better image
    On our previous blog talked about ways you can use images to enhance your recipe. Use these tips to elevate your dish and receive more votes.