ganoderma_plantation-1The amazing mushroom that’s the not-so-secret ingredient in all of our products even makes our coffee taste better!

As you have probably noticed, we love Ganoderma here at Organo Gold. Even our beautiful new headquarters in Richmond, British Columbia was designed to resemble the majestic mushroom, which, with its long stem and bright orange cap, looks like something out of a children’s fairy tale.

But there’s nothing fairy-tale about this special fungus, which has been revered by practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years. Of course you know all about our special Ganoderma nutraceutical products, which bring this potent powder to you in its purest forms – the Ganoderma Lucidum Capsules, the Ganoderma Lucidum Mycelium Capsules and the Ganoderma Spore Powder.

But of course this amazing ingredient is also found in all of our delicious coffee, tea and hot chocolate beverage products. The amazing team at OG’s state-of-the-art facility in the Fujian Province of China use the latest technologies to transform the Ganoderma mushrooms from a tough, woody cap, into a fine flavorless powder.

Yet, while the powder is so fine and flavorless, it does something wonderful to our coffee products. Ganoderma itself is a bitter mushroom. So while it’s incredible properties make it perfect for use in herbal medicine, it’s not exactly something you’d slice up and put in your pasta!  But the way it is prepared in our facilities not only removes any bitterness from the mushroom from which it is made, it also allows the Ganoderma powder to absorb some of the bitterness that can often be found in coffee. That’s the reason for the flavorful yet smooth, decidedly non-bitter taste of Organo Gold’s coffee products.

The way that the Ganoderma is processed also allows the coffee beans to more readily absorb the beneficial components of Ganoderma, which has been found to help activate the human immune system. So, not only does Ganoderma enhance the flavor and the nutritional value of coffee, it can help stimulate the immune system.

that makes Organo Gold the ONLY coffee in the industry that can remove bitterness, enhance flavor, and stimulate your immune system all in one sip. Now THAT’S what we call sweet!