worldseriesThe Wait is Over …The World Series Playoffs are well underway, and when we talk about baseball, we’re no longer talking about just America’s favorite pastime. Like ORGANO™, a global leader with operations in (soon to be) 47 countries, baseball has become a global favorite. The beloved sport has been played since the late 1800’s, and is still going strong.  Let’s meet the rival teams and learn more about a Major League “cup of coffee” from way out of left field!

Let The Games Begin – The New York Mets vs. The Kansas City Royals: The 2015 World Series (111th Edition) Major League Baseball Championship Playoff Series is a, best-of-seven, playoff between the National League champions, the New York Mets, and American League champions, the Kansas City Royals. This will be the first time the Royals and Mets have met in the World Series Championships. The Kansas City Royals will be making their second consecutive appearance in the World Series, and fourth overall, since winning the World Series in 1985 against the St. Louis Cardinals. For the New York Mets, this will be their fourth World Series appearance as well, and their first since 2000. The Mets are two time World Series Championship winners – first in 1969 and again in 1986.

Mets’ Early Birds vs. Royals’ Comeback Kids: The New York Mets never trailed behind, as they won (swept) all four games played with the Chicago Cubs in the National League Championship Series. Part of that has to do with their dynamic starting pitchers, but the Mets offense has also been top notch.  Meanwhile, the Kansas City Royals had to win the final two games of their American League Division Series against Houston to advance. The KC Royals, once down 6-2 in Game 4,  exploded with seven runs over the final two innings to pull out as championship contenders.

Heat on the Mound vs. Putting The Ball Into Play: While the Mets can bring the heat on the mound, the Royals are great at putting the ball into play.  Kansas City hitters had the highest contact rate in the major leagues this year, as well as the lowest walk rate. Meanwhile, the Mets starter pitchers had the best strikeout-to-walk rate in the major leagues, during the regular season. The dramatic contrast in styles, between the two teams, will make it easy to see who executes its game plan more effectively – when the Royals are at bat!

Cowpokes and Metropolitans: The Kansas City Royals certainly didn’t take their name from any noble connections, but rather from the city’s reputation as a livestock hub. The team held a contest in 1968 to name the franchise, and “industry terms” like “Mules” and “Cowpokes” were among the suggestions. A Kansas City engineer, Sanford Porte, managed to make that connection in a “more dignified fashion” when he suggested the “Royals” in honor of the American Royal Livestock Show. The Mets got their name from an old 1880’s Baseball Club the New York Metropolitans, as New York is part of a major  Metropolitan area, better known as the Tri-State region of the United States.

A Major League Cup of Coffee:  A “Cup of Coffee” is a North American sports term for a short time spent by a Minor League player, at the Major League level. Allegedly, named that because the player has only long enough to drink a cup of coffee before he’s sent back to the minors. Players may receive a “cup of coffee” for several reasons; as a major league tryout for a relatively unknown player, a short-term replacement for a player on the disabled list, or to acclimate a prospect to the Major Leagues.

A Field of Dreams & Shoeless Joe Jackson: The most famous “cup of coffee” player of all time, due exclusively to his appearance in the 1982 novel Shoeless Joe and its subsequent film adaptation Field of Dreams, has to be Archibald “Moonlight” Graham. He entered a 1905 game for the New York Giants, as a defensive replacement in the eighth inning. Three outs later, he trotted in from right field and picked up a bat. He was due up fourth, but his teammates failed him, and he was left in the “on-deck circle” when the umpire called the final out. He never got a single chance to take a single whack at the ball – with that bat!.

Robert De Niro & Block Buster Movie Fame: In the 1996 film The Fan, starring Robert De Niro, who’s character (a middle-aged former pitcher), said “I was in “The Bigs” for a cup of coffee myself – until my arm went south”.  Additionally, the 1989  “Back to the Future Part II” movie made the bold prediction that the Cubs would clinch a World Series Championship on October, 21, 2015 – the very same day – nearly 30 years later – the Chicago Cubs’ (short of a championship for the 107th consecutive season) bid for a trip to the World Series was squashed by their 8-3 loss to the New York Mets!

One Hit Wonders &  ORGANO™ A Home Run Hit Every Time: The baseball “cup of coffee” club is filled exclusively with people who do not want to be members, or as they are often referred to as…One Hit Wonders.  Unlike ORGANO™ and the global demand for, not only our new ORGANO™ gourmet coffee blends, but for the ORGANO™ classic hits – like our original “Black is Black” – a guaranteed “cup of coffee” a home run hit every time.  With that, the stage is set for an intriguing and, based on the way both teams have played, extended battle. Smell the Aroma, #TastetheGold, and stay “in the zone” with ORGANO™.

2015 World Series Schedule
Wednesday, October 28th, Mets at Royals
Friday, October 30, Royals at Mets
Saturday, October 31, Royals at Mets
Sunday, November 1, Royals at Mets*
Tuesday, November 3, Mets at Royals*
Wednesday, November 4, Mets at Royals*