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OG Black Coffee is one of our most popular drinks. As one of the original products that helped shape this company, OG Black Coffee is a classic product that everyone can enjoy.

But like any OG drink, the key to enjoying it is to make sure you know how to make a perfect cup, every single time.

Here is our step-by-step guide to help you enjoy our Black Coffee exactly the way it was intended:

1) Bad tasting water can make for bad tasting coffee. Our suggestion is to use purified, filtered or bottled water (tap water can also work). Do not use softened or distilled water, as they don’t properly extract the ‘good stuff’ from the coffee.

Given that our coffee is exclusively filled with ‘good stuff’, using the appropriate water is the key to making a perfect cup of Black Coffee!

2) Heat up the water to a temperature of 195 – 205°F. You don’t want to use boiling water, as it will burn the coffee. If you bring the heated water to a boil, let it cool for a few minutes before making the coffee.

3) Empty the sachet of Black Coffee into a mug and pour just a teaspoon of your heated water into the mug. Begin stirring the water and coffee together to dampen the coffee. Once stirred, pour in the rest of the water and stir again. 8 ounces of water will create the optimal coffee to water ratio. Leave some room for milk and/or cream.

There you have it! Follow these three simple instructions and you’ll make a perfect cup of OG Black Coffee every single time.

Until next time, raise your cup and drink it up!