In honor of OG’s big announcement tomorrow we are running an article that recently appeared in the OG European Newsletter

Coffee is not just a simple drink, but an opportunity to relax or to share with people you love. Organo Gold chose this amazing drink and blended it with Ganoderma to create unique beverages that can make those moments even more special.

Being such a popular drink thru centuries of established and uncontested supremacy, coffee incorporates different meanings for each country…. all over the world!

For our first ever European E-Newsletter we selected:


Everybody knows coffee in Italy is not “just” a simple drink. It is a “Lifestyle”.

Gathering together “for a coffee” embodies a whole variety of opportunities that makes every cup a cultural experience. Let’s see HOW TO DRINK COFFEE LIKE AN ITALIAN:

  • When you order a coffee in a bar you will automatically be served an Espresso
  • “Bar” is not a club. It is a family-run business and the “bar” itself is actually the marble counter where the coffee is served.
  • It’s a MUST – drinking a coffee standing at the counter (this can mean chatting there with the “barista” for hours, oblivious to the other customers). Table service is usually charged additionally.
  • You have two variations: “ in tazza” ( tiny porcelain cup) or “al vetro” (tiny glass mug)
  • Most bars in Italy do not know the meaning of “Black coffee” unless it is a tourist place and you order an “Americano”
  • Do not order a cappuccino with a main course. It would be a great offense for the waiter to serve it (they will do it politely anyway)
  • Cappuccino is for breakfast only, not for lunch or dinner. While “espresso” is good anytime
  • “Latte” is simply milk. Otherwise you need to order “Caffelatte” or “Latte&Caffe” depending if you prefer more steamed milk with coffee or vice versa.

Whichever variety of “caffe’” you like always remember : IT’S EASY, IT’S SIMPLE, IT’S COFFEE (but in Italy).

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