En honor al próximo evento de Tailandia OG, vamos a destacar las culturas de café en Asia, empezando por Hong Kong.








According to a 2013 Euromonitor report, the rising popularity of coffee in Hong Kong can be attributed in large part to the perception of coffee as more modern and sophisticated than the traditional tea. “Traditionally a tea drinking population, coffee drinking is perceived as a sign of cosmopolitan sophistication in the territory, particularly amongst younger people,” stated the report.

This growing cosmopolitan, epicurean appreciation for specialty coffee means that the consumption of both coffee products and coffee machines is on the rise in Hong Kong. According to a December 2013 report by consumer information and market research company GfK, “the number of coffee drinkers who prefer to enjoy their cuppa in the comfort and convenience of their own home continues to rise, as increasing number of households are equipping theirs with their very own coffee machine.”

“The size of coffee machine market in Hong Kong has been expanding by robust double digit growth every consecutive year since GfK started tracking its sales in the country in 2009,” stated Walter Leung, the Managing Director for GfK in Hong Kong. Leung went on to note in the report that “the coffee culture in Hong Kong is still young and there is still much more room for further growth.”

Retail rents in Hong Kong are some of the highest in the world — with some districts being up to four times as expensive as London and Manhattan (as much as $4,328 per square foot in rent!), which makes opening a cafe an expensive undertaking for proprietors, which makes at-home options a popular alternative. But many commentators believe that the ongoing cachet of specialty coffees will sustain the popularity of coffee, and contribute to further growth in the coffee culture of Hong Kong in the coming years.

Market researchers have also uncovered an intriguing statistic about this growing coffee culture — the mocha is one of the most popular drinks in all of Hong Kong. Here at Organo Gold, we just love our Gourmet Café Mocha, and it’s one of our most popular products. So we cannot wait to see it become the biggest product on the thriving Hong Kong coffee scene!