Today is Day 6 of the OG One Team, One Dream Convention Countdown —which means you only have five more days to secure the ticket that will give you access to the ‘One Team Live Stream’ pay-per-view footage of the conference. The live stream footage will be beamed live from the main stage at the spectacular Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.

We had such a phenomenal response to the announcement of the pay-per-view package that we initially sold out of tickets. But our access provider was kind enough to release an additional batch of tickets for just $149.

And of course one ticket is all you need —then EVERYONE can crowd around your television set to tune in to this historic event. We think we may just break some OG records in 2014, and make this the most-viewed event in Organo Gold history. And how thrilling for your fellow distributors and prospects to see the excitement unfold live!

As OG Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand explains in this three-minute YouTube clip, it isn’t the best salespeople who build big businesses —it is the best teachers, the best coaches and the best mentors. So put on your coaching cap and start mentoring your team, your customers and your prospects by inviting them over for a Coffee Jazz Mixer where they can all join you in watching the ‘One Team Live Stream’. All you need is ONE ticket. Grab yours today and start inviting those folks around for the convention footage live stream on October 4 and October 5.

These $149 tickets are sure to be snapped up fast —so secure yours today!