Hold up one hand — how many fingers do you see? That’s right, we are down to Day 5 of the OG One Team, One Dream Convention Countdown —which means we can do the rest of the countdown with one hand tied around our backs!

The ‘One Team Live Stream’ pay-per-view event was designed for folks in the 36 countries where OG operates who were not able to travel to St. Louis for the convention, and means they can still witness the excitement of events as they unfold live on stage.

All week as we countdown to what is sure to be a history-making convention, our beloved Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand has been appearing in short YouTube clips to give us some great tips on how easy it is for anyone to grow an OG business.

Check out this clip for Shane’s latest tip (we’ll give you a hint, it is about mastering the 4 questions and the 4 steps!) —it is one that can truly help people to grow business. These questions and steps were designed specifically to help you build a future — and when mastered are incredibly successful. In fact, Shane goes so far as to point out that they are the reason Organo Gold is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry!

So take heed from Shane’s tip, and invite your friends, family and prospects over to watch the OG ‘One Team Live Stream’ to see just how easy it is to grow an OG business. You only need one ticket, and the pay-per-view can be watched by many.

One Team, One Dream all the way —so so ahead, get your tickets today!