bible-and-candleAt Organo Gold, we feel doubly blessed. That’s why in addition to the Feng Shui blessing  — to ensure harmonious energy throughout the new building — we’re also blessing our new international headquarters in Richmond with a Christian blessing ceremony. CEO and founder Bernardo Chua himself will be on hand to help bless the new building — and for those of you not familiar, here’s some background on these types of ceremonies:

  • Many people choose to have their homes cleansed and blessed with prayer, to help their home be a space of peace and blessing. We’re doing the same for our new international headquarters, to ensure a satisfied staff and ongoing prosperity in our business.
  • There are many bible verses that discuss the blessing of homes and businesses.
  • Blessings such as this usually involve friends and family (in this case it will be OG Family!) gathering in the building, and often beginning the ceremony with a song, prayer, poem or some type of reading.
  • Dwellings are often then blessed or anointed with oils, sage, sea salt or other symbolic items to cleanse and bless the space.

We’re so thrilled to be opening this amazing new headquarters in Richmond later this month, and hope all OG Family members in the area will join us for this inspiring event.