velvetlotionJuly2014The heat of summer can really take a toll on the skin — so Organo Gold is campaigning against dry skin with this amazing Get It While You Can promotion! For a limited time, we’re giving away a special Velvet Lotion FREE GIFT in order to help get your skin through the dehydrating summer months.

The amazing OG skin care product, Velvet, is a lotion so named because it uses natural ingredients —such as macadamia nut oil which gives the skin a moisture boost, and organic Ganoderma lucidum which nourishes the skin — to give the skin that sought-after, velvety smoothness.

With this promo package, you’ll receive the FREE GIFT of a Velvet Lotion, PLUS a Velvet Travel Pack (while supplies last — so get in FAST!).

The Get It While You Can promo pack contains:

  • 3 boxes Gourmet Black Coffee
  • 2 boxes Organic Green Tea
  • 2 boxes King of Coffee
  • 1 box Gourmet CaféMocha
  • 1 box Gourmet CaféLatte
  • 1 box Red Tea
  • 1 FREE Velvet Lotion
  • 1 FREE Velvet Travel Pack (while supplies last!)

Get this amazing promo pack of all of your favorite, best-selling Organo Gold products, all for just $216 wholesale.

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