VIP VancouverThe OGFamily gathered in Vancouver on Saturday for the city’s first VIP Super Saturday featuring both Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand and EVP of International Sales and Marketing Holton Buggs. It was standing-room only as Diamond Marianne Noad started the afternoon to cheers and shouts. Black Diamond Steve Martin, Blue Diamond Daniel Grenon, Crown Diamond Luis Ventura and Crown Ambassador John Sachtouras provided leadership testimonials – all emphasizing unity, culture and the three components of OG success.

Holton Buggs then mesmerized the crowd with an extended training session, demonstrating the OG system on how to build a successful OG business.  “You can only learn by doing,” as Holton said; inspiring the crowd with his proven success philosophy: “if you see it big, it can be big.”

The crowd was on the edge of their seats (when they were in their seats) as Shane Morand took the stage and focused on the simplicity, products and leadership of Organo Gold. As Shane said “you don’t sell coffee, you buy coffee,” it’s a conversation. A conversation that focused on OG’s incredible natural organic Ganoderma, the quality of OG products and the leadership development training that OG provides: “We teach building a business to people to pass along to their kids,” Shane reminded the cheering crowd.

A number of OG headquarter staff attended the event which gave them a better understanding and much deserved appreciation of our OG Distributors; and the Distributors returned the adulation with a standing ovation and acknowledgement of all the hard work done by OG staff.

Next stop – the OG International Headquarters Ribbon Cutting tomorrow!  Be sure to follow the ceremony on Twitter at #OG and #OGRibbonCutting as well as on Facebook and Instagram.