We’re still very excited here at Organo Gold. Last month just before our St. Louis International Convention the OG Twitter handled was verified by Twitter. That little blue check mark at the end of the handle will let everyone know what the real OG twitter handle is @OrganoGold.

This feature, available on both Facebook and Twitter is a way for the social media giants to insure users follow the correct profile and to avoid confusion with other impersonating or “parody” accounts.  How does that benefit your OG Business?  It lets your downline and customers know that OG is recognized as a key brand on Twitter; that extra edge of credibility that every business seeks!

Time to put this microblogging platform to good use!

FACT: Twitter only allows for 140 characters (including your username), this means you have to get creative with your message.

  • Use hashtags: At OG we use all kinds of hashtags. Below are only a few of the hashtags we use. Make sure that you do not get carried away. We recommend that you use 1 or 2 tops. Watch this video of Jimmy Fallon making fun of the hashtag use. Some of the hashtags that we use are:

#OGP50K #OGDreamTean #JustBrewIt #Ganoderma #OGIgnite

  • Tag other users for better engagement. When you tag other accounts like @Organogold it sends the user a direct message. Keep in mind if you start the tweet with the @username only users who follow you AND the user you’re tagging will see the post. For example if your Tweet goes out like this “@OrganoGold I love your Coffee” only your followers that also follow OG will see it. If you instead tweet like this “I Love @OrganoGold coffee” all of your followers can see the tweet.

Twitter is a platform that could do wonders for your business, from building credibility to setting you up as an expert. Tweet often, use great content and make sure to build connections and create relationships.

Follow us @Organogold and RT messages that resonate with you and your followers. Always, always follow our social media compliance policy.