Hearing Success Stories

Being inspired by other people’s experiences is one of the keys to taking action and achieving your goals in the short term. In OG, our Leaders lead by example at all levels. Many of them tried and failed but never gave up. Instead, they continued to be motivated and inspired until they achieved success. Hearing their humble, innovative and entertaining stories today live from the stage will give you the momentum to take the right steps and reach their levels of success tomorrow!


After a whole year of hard work you deserve to be recognized for all you have done and achieved. Walking on stage in front of thousands of OG Distributors so that you can be recognized by Organo Gold Corporate Leadership is yet another step that will help take your business to the next level!

Product Launch and New Country Announcements

Committing to our annual Convention means being the first to know about new product launches, new country openings, Incentive trips and getting access to exclusive Promo Packs. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a head start on driving your business towards success!


The basic principle of your business and our industry can be summed up in one word: Networking! Imagine your local CJM multiplied by thousands of people, including new prospects. We are giving you the possibility to expand your business connections worldwide and meet new like-minded people!

Learn from the Best

The greatest assets of any company are its people.

It doesn’t happen every day you get the chance to listen to the secrets of successful business owners and be inspired by some of the best Leaders in the Network Marketing industry. Receive training from our Regional Managers and learn the steps that will help bring you closer to your achieving your goals.

Be a Part of the OG Family

Who says that business cannot be ‘fun’? We are a family and there is nothing better than celebrating your success together with the rest of the OG Family! Discover new, exciting places around the world and enjoy red carpet treatment, gala dinners and phenomenal entertainment planned for your leisure and pleasure!

If all these reasons are not enough to make you change your mind, we dare you to come to any of our events and deny it! 

The next event is: Organo Gold 2nd European Convention, 17th-19th of April 2015 in Lyon. For information and to purchase your tickets VISIT: euconvention.organogold.com

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