p50k_promo_2014_403_sm (2)One of the biggest and most successful events in OG History has come and gone — and the lives of the nearly 10,000 people in attendance have been changed forever. But if you missed the event, don’t sweat it, because OG has you covered! Over the course of the week we will unveil the Top 5 Moments of Project 50 Thousand: Viva La Vida,  giving you an in-depth recap of the unforgettable weekend.

1)  Just Brew It!

The biggest product announcement in OG history took place in San Antonio — and the roar of the crowd could practically be heard all across North America. Organo Gold, the leader in single cup coffee, has jumped head-first into the brewed coffee market, with the new OG BrewKup™. The BrewKups, which come in three flavors, are the only product of their  kind in the Network Marketing industry, and are an exclusive partnership  with Organo Gold’s Global Brand Ambassador and Great White Shark, Greg Norman.


What are you waiting for? Brew yourself a favor and JUST BREW IT!