Organo Gold - Power of 3At Organo Gold, we often talk in fours — using the 4 Questions and the 4 Steps helping to guide OG Distributors as they build their businesses. But in this week’s Millionaire Mentorship call, Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand speaks instead of the power of three.

  • 3 Strong Leaders

The power of three can be demonstrated first and foremost in the powerful leaders that form the foundation of Organo Gold’s success: OG Founder and CEO Bernardo Chua, EVP of Sales and Marketing Holton Buggs, and of course, Morand himself.

  • 3 Elements of Success

The power of three appears again in the Organo Gold 3 Components of Success, as often is outlined in OG presentations:

1.   The GENIUS of coffee. Coffee is everywhere!

2.   The MAGIC of Ganoderma. Ganoderma, the miraculous King of Herbs, is the closest thing to nutritional perfection that can be found in nature.

3.   The power of LEADERSHIP. Create a leadership team to bring our product to the rest of the world!

  • 3 Rules

Shane Morand also harnesses the power of three in his 3 Rules to Building a Leadership team:

1.  Do what you say you’re gonna do, even if it hurts.

2.  Don’t work with people you don’t like to spend time with.

3.  Have FUN!

There are many more ways that the power of three comes into play in any OG business — from the three types of people we tend to encounter, to the three starter packs (Gold, Silver or Bronze) that are the cornerstone of any burgeoning OG business.

To hear all about these elements and more about the Power of Three in OG, be sure to listen to the Millionaire Mentorship call here.