Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich is one of the world’s the best-selling success books— having sold more than 60 million copies worldwide. That’s why Organo Gold is so proud of it’s association with this book and its world-respected author. When Hill – the so-called “maker of millionaires” – was introduced to Organo Gold, he instantly recognized the massive potential of the OG business model and unique, innovative products. This best-selling book is now available in an exclusive illustrated OG Collector’s Edition. “This is the edition of Think & Grow Rich that will be valued almost as much for its design and craftsmanship as it is for its content,” says Organo Gold’s global master distributor and co-founder Shane Morand of the life-changing book.

The title really tells us what the book is about. But let’s delve a little deeper and find out more about Napoleon Hill and his well-known work:

  1. “It revolutionized the whole concept of self-help writing, and to this day remains the standard against which all other motivational literature is measured,” says Morand of Think & Grow Rich.
  2. “It is said that Hill has made more millionaires, and inspired more successes, than any other person in history,” comments Morand.
  3. 100% of proceeds from the OG Collector’s Edition book and CD go to the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s World Learning Center, to help them continue their important work.
  4. Morand is such a proponent of this book, he became a certified instructor for the Napoleon Hill Foundation. This is an opportunity available to all. Find out more by viewing this webinar about the program:

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