In our second part of our two blogs we will be going over, ‘The 4 Questions’ you need to ask when retailing & sampling.  Review Part 1: ‘The 4 Steps To Success’

The 4 Questions: Be sure to ask these 4 questions when you are sampling product to a potential customer.

  1. Do you or anyone you know drink coffee or tea at least occasionally?
  1. How do you drink your coffee? (Black or with cream and sugar)
  1. What’s your favorite brand?
  1. When was the last time (name of company) paid you for drinking or

recommending their coffee?

So you have asked the 4 questions, now what? Its easy, its simple, follow these next steps.

Show them a sample and say: “This is the coffee that pays.”

Before giving them a sample, say: “I would like to give you a sample and I will follow up after your drink the coffee to get two pieces of information from you: How did you like the taste? How did it make you feel?”

After giving them the sample say: “What is the best time to call you so you can tell me how you liked it? In the morning or afternoon?”

And that’s it! Now you have sampled a potential customer and collected their contact information for a follow up. Remember let the product sell itself for you.

The best part is that you never pressured that person into buying from you right away, plus you have started building a connection with that person. That little sachet will be an instant reminder for that person of you and the products you sell.