In our first part of two blogs we will be sharing ‘The 4 Steps To Success’, then we will follow it next week with Part 2: ‘The 4 Questions.’ Both of these blogs are aimed at helping you to continue to grow and succeed in your OG business.

The 4 Steps to success: Follow these 4 proven steps to make sure you’re always headed to Diamond status.

  1. Be a Product of the Product

o   Share testimonial with your sponsor

o   Set yourself on the proper Autoship (if applicable)

o   Purchase 2 boxes of Coffee (i.e. Mocha and Latte

  1. Build a List of Contacts

o   50 coffee drinkers

o   50 opportunity seekers

o   Learn the 4 Questions (we will go over these in part 2)

o   Get 10 retail coffee customers using our retail program

  1. Book Four Coffee Jazz Mixers

o   At your home or office

  1. Plug into a Proven Success System

o   18-month commitment

o   Weekly CJM’s (Coffee Jazz Mixers)

o   Business & leadership events

o   Opportunity & training calls

In Part 2, we will go over the 4 questions to ask when you are retailing and sampling.