Bernstein (3)Emmanuel Bernstein has the weather, in part, to thank for his success with Organo Gold — specifically, Hurricane Ike. Bernstein had been introduced to the OG business model and products just a few days before Hurricane Ike blew through Texas, in September 2008. Just two years later, he has reached Diamond level — and his OG business continues to thrive.

In its aftermath, Hurricane Ike left power blackouts and a gasoline shortage. Not very unusual in the wake of such a powerful storm, but it was this scenario that made him realize what a golden opportunity OG presented. “There was a gas shortage in Houston because of the hurricane. People were fighting over gas and so on, so I decided to go along with my wife and get gas. There was no electricity anywhere in the shopping center, except at the gas station, where there were long lines. Then I noticed there was another shopping center across the street where one place also had electricity. And this place had a longer line than the gas station. It was a Starbucks.”

That made Emmanuel realize that even in the most trying of circumstances, people will always drink their coffee. So it made him re-examine the Organo Gold opportunity. “Even during a disaster, people were waiting in line for coffee. So that’s when I said to myself that if I miss this opportunity, it might be the greatest mistake I ever make.”

Emmanuel’s story is inspiring for many reasons, but one is that he didn’t experience instant success with his OG business. While he joined in 2008, he initially didn’t fully commit to the system. But when he took to it wholeheartedly in 2010, he reached Diamond level in just five months. “My main key to success is really working harder on myself than I work in the business,” he says. “You’ve got to have the mindset of a successful person.”

“You’ve got to be able to visualize what it is that you want in life. You’ve got to be able to set goals in where you’re trying to get to in life,” he continues. “Plan it, do it, review it, then keep going to the next phase. Just don’t quite. Don’t ever, ever give up on you.”

Source: OG University