Meet Allison Fong, OG Sapphire Consultant

Alison-Fong (2)For Allison Fong, Organo Gold was just the right thing at just the right time. “My introduction to Organo Gold started with a chance meeting with a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years,” Fong recalls. “I didn’t know anything about the company or the product,” she says, “but the next day I thought ‘Why not?’ and joined.”

Fast forward a few years, and Fong is going gangbusters with her OG business. Based in Broome, a beautiful beachside resort town on the far West coast of Western Australia in the remote Kimberley region, Fong has built her business quickly and without much local support or infrastructure. Her seemingly simple and swift success is proof positive that one doesn’t require a thriving metropolis to succeed with the OG business plan, just a network of friends and people who like drinking tea and coffee. “Despite feeling uncomfortable about using the four questions, I was able to enroll multiple customers, and worked my way up from a six-pack AutoShip to a monthly case shipment.

“The business has now gone global,” reveals Fong, equally proud and incredulous at the seeming ease of her success. “We are looking to expand into Kenya, the Philippines, US and Japan. And she’s really looking forward to the exclusive Sapphire retreat, which for Australian OG Distributors will take place on the peaceful and picturesque Indonesian island of Bali.

“With OG, anything is possible!” says Fong with joy. “Plug in to the system, believe in what you’re doing and the possibilities are endless!”