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Not only has the OG Single Serve BrewKup become synonymous with summer, leisure and easy living, so has the hammock!   The simple fabric sling, suspended between two posts by rope, didn’t always enjoy such a “care free and swinging” lifestyle, rather the opposite is true.  Let’s take a closer look at this iconic backyard fixture’s rise to fame.


The Early Years: Born out of necessity, it is the belief of many anthropologists that the hammock dates back some 1,000 years to Central and South America. The hammock originally got its name from the word Haiti (meaning “fish net”).  The first born slings were woven out of bark from the Hamack Tree, thus the name. These, above ground, suspended beds were originally crafted to prevent disease transmission from rodents, as well as provide protection from snakes and other poisonous creatures during slumber.


Naval Career & Prison Life: Hammocks were adopted for use in sailing and naval ships in the late 1500’s. Aboard ship, hammocks were regularly employed for sailors sleeping on the gun decks of warships, where limited space prevented permanent bunks. DuringWorld War II, troopships utilized hammocks to increase troop carrying capacity, and take advantage of the swinging sleeper’s ability to move in concert with the motion of the ocean vessel. In 19th century Britain, the prison system incorporated the hammock as their standard sleeping apparatus, that is until the inmates realized they could be used for a variety of weapons.


Fame Beyond North America & Modern Day Success:  Long before North American siesta seekers discovered the hammock, it had a rich and ancient heritage associated with so many different countries; Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Brazil and Ecuador (just to name a few).  Not only is this superstar a North American backyard staple, millions of people in Africa, China, the Philippines and the South Pacific, use hammocks as beds or furniture everyday!


Both summertime traditions, Organo Gold and the hammock can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways!  Swing jungle style and go nuts with a Chocolate Almond or Toasted Hazelnut Single Serve BrewKup over ice.  Or, if suspended silently under the moonlight is more your speed  – take a piping hot Royal Brewed or Gourmet Black Gold Single Serve BrewKup along for the ride!  Bottoms Up!